Meet Information


UPDATE: 10/15/2019 No more out of county/state teams are being accepted. We have reach our MAX!!!

Prince George's County Relay Invitational, Thursday, December 19, 2019

Meet Director - Kenneth Washington: kwashington904@gmail.complease email for password.

Meet Management: Terri Dendy & Carlyle Rose

Contact: Terri Dendy- for any questions regarding entries fees

Sanctioned for District of Columbia (DC), Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Vriginia

Entry fee $150 single team and $225 for boys/girls program

Deadline for all entries: Sunday, December 15, 2019 at Midnight

Make Checks payable to Prince Georges County Athletic Association

Mail to OShay Watson, Supervisor Office of Interscholastic Athletics High School Performance 4400 Shell St., Capitol Heights MD 20743

AWARDS 1ST thru 3RD MEDALS. Relay team champion Plaques

Doors open at 3:00 pm; 1st event will begin at 4:00 pm

Order of Events

4x55m Shuttle Hurdle Relay

4x55m Sprint Relay


4x200 (A & B Teams)

Sprint Medley 2-2-4-8

Distance Medley 12-4-8-16

4x400(A & B Teams) *B Teams waterfall start*

Field Events (2 entries per school)

Shot Put (Girls then Boys)

High Jump (Girls then Boys)

Long Jump (Boys then Girls)

Triple Jump (Girls then Boys)

Pole Vault (Boys then Girls)

Rules/Standards for Field Events

All athletes will get a total of 4 jumps/throws. Athletes must meet the minimum standards in order for jumps or throws to be recorded with the exceptions of the very first jump/throw which will be measured regardless of distance.
Also in the Long Jump and Triple Jump, athletes will not be able to obtain their marks by running from the Jumping board down the runway. We would like for all athletes to obtain their marks proceeding towards the jump pit not away from it.
Minimum standard are listed below:

Long Jump
Girls - 15
Boys - 19
Triple Jump
Girls - 32
Boys - 40
High Jump
Girls - 4'6
Boys - 5'8
Shot Put
Girls - 30
Boys - 40
Pole Vault
Girls - 7
Boys - 8