Bullseye Summer Track Series #2 2020

Clarksville, MD

Meet Information

2 event maximum.
A final time schedule and heats sheets will be posted prior to the track meet
EVERYONE must have a mask with them and must be wearing it when not running. Please stay 6 ft away from each other as well.
Crowd size is a concern and this meet has limited fields with these limited events as it is required that all participants (athletes, coaches and parents) follow the CDC guidelines.
No one will be allowed on the track or the infield between 4:30-7:30pm during the event except those being brought on the track to compete.
Warm ups can be done on the track prior to 4:15 or in the parking lot and/or fields of the school campus anytime.
No tents are allowed anywhere as it is being requested that everyone arrive just prior to your event and leave shortly after your event to keep the crowd as small as possible.
No athletes can hang out in the bleachers at all and parents and coaches are asked to only go in the stadium to watch their child/athlete compete then leave the stadium when they are done.
PLEASE NOTE there is only one portable toilet so I would strongly suggest trying to go somewhere before arriving.
Please be aware that some soccer teams will likely be practicing on the infield and we have to be accommodating and share the facility with them.
The Bull Pen will be in the small parking lot just outside the main gate. Please don't crowd around the bullpen, but stay close when it is time for your event. We will stay on schedule. As each heat is asked for at the bullpen area, the kids will need to come to the bullpen with a mask on to get their hip and chest numbers. Once the heat usher is ready escort them to the starting line, the athletes can remove their mask off and head into the stadium with the heat usher.
If you have blocks, know how to use them and bring them you can use them for the hurdles, 100, 200 and 400 but block holders WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.
The hurdles, 100/110 will have a max of 4 per heat.
The 400 will have 8 per heat and will run in their lane the whole way.
The 800, 1600 and 3200 will have 8 per heat and will run a 1 turn stagger.
The discus will allow 6 throws @ 5:00pm on Tuesday
We will conduct the Long Jump on Thursday at 4:30pm and 5:15pm