Project Creek Meet of Miles 2021

Silver Spring, MD
Hosted by Project Creek
Timing/Results Windsor Running

Meet Information

UPDATED (3/26)


Boys Heat 1 11:00am

Girls Heat 1 11:20am

Boys Heat 2 11:40am

The meet of miles hosted by Project Creek will consist of several heats of 1600m races. The meet is open to any and all competitors. Please use accurate projections when entering seed times.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 24th at 11:00pm.

Entry fee is $10 and can be paid onsite. No onsite registration available.

Entries will be limited. Masks and social distancing are required. Athletes should wear masks when not competing or warming up.

There'll be no entry standards for this event, however entries may be rejected once the meet is at capacity.

Warm ups can be done anywhere on the school campus. No warmups on the track or infield once the first race goes off. Please leave immediately after you cool down.

Please check-in upon arrival and come to the infield at least 5 mins prior to your race. Races will be run exactly on schedule. Final time schedule will be email and posted no later than Thursday, March 25th.