The All-Decade All-Star Swedish Relay Teams: Girls

Some runners, like Riverdale Baptist 2017 graduate Stephanie Davis, find themselves on these lists more than once. Davis anchors Riverdale Baptist's all-star Swedish relay team with her 54.03 personal best, and also appears on Magruder's team, where she ran through her sophomore season. She helped lead the Colonels to a 4A state team title in the spring of 2014. (Photo by Brandon Miles)

We continue our project, which started out with the distance and sprint medley relays, with the Swedish relay - specifically, 100-200-300-400. The legs could be any four runners who competed for the school over the past decade. For each team, we used each runner's personal bests in the 100, 200, 300 and 400.

We tried to put together the fastest possible group for each team based on existing personal bests. When applicable we will also point out if there may have been a runner who could have run faster (for instance, if a team had a standout indoor runner who ran 40.00 in the 300 but never ran a 400, we can't put her on the 400 leg, even if she would likely be the fastest).

We ranked every team that could put together a sub-2:18.50 squad - and plenty of teams just missed by seconds, or even less! We list the top ten teams here and also provide a read-only link to the Google spreadsheet that lists all 64 teams that met the standard (the list can be found on the sixth sheet, while the DMR and SMR teams are on the first four sheets).

Ashley Seymour ('18)Leah Phillips ('20)Masai Russell ('18)Shaniya Hall ('20)
Riverdale Baptist11.8925.0039.3254.032:10.24
Taylor Woods ('16)Jaela Gay ('15)Dnia Freeman ('16)Stephanie Davis ('17)
Imani Jackson ('14)Tylar Colbert ('18)Cameron Hinton ('18)Nyjari McNeil ('18)
Camry Torian ('12)Taylor Wright ('19)Cori Brown ('19)Olivia Ekpone ('11)
James H. Blake11.9924.6240.0454.142:10.79
Serena Harrison ('20)Cyan Peoples ('19)Noelani Phillips ('19)Martha Sam ('15)
Jasmine Robinson ('11)Jada Seaman ('19)Autumne Franklin ('12)Aleah Nelson ('19)
Mount de Sales12.6925.4037.7655.742:11.59
Amanda Grebosky ('17)Edeline Davies ('19)Isabella Whittaker ('20)Juliette Whittaker ('22)
Leah Murray ('20)Lexus Ramsey ('14)Dianna Koger ('21)Taylor Williams ('15)
Mount Hebron12.0224.9840.2055.342:12.54
Jaiden Ritter ('19)Taylor Williams ('15)Sierrah Matthews ('21)Satori Valentine ('20)
Milford Mill12.1224.8139.4756.252:12.65
MyKael Dixon ('12)Yinka Alabi ('15)Toni Brown ('14)Aliya Sharp ('15)