Virtual Meet Preview: 2021 Carroll County XC Championships

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Photo: Craig Amoss
Manchester Valley's Aiden Neal has been tearing through his XC season with many top 5 performances. He started out strong with a third-place finish at the 38th Annual Barnhart Memorial XC Invitational. He had a season-best with a time of 16:12.00, which made him the number one seed for the 2021 Carroll County XC Championships. He had another third-place finish at the 2021 Crossfire XC Invitational with a time of 17:09.06. Neal broke his third-place streak as he won the 2021 Westminster XC Invitational with a time of 16:48.80. Aiden Neal is definitely one to watch. 
2021 Westminster XC Invitational: Meet Recap I Photos I Videos

Boys 5000 Meter Run

1Aiden Neal2022Manchester Valley High School16:12.00 1
2Peyton Dill2023Century High School16:49.90 2
3Jackson Steinbrenner2024Winters Mill High School17:18.00 3
4Davis Trump2022Liberty High School17:36.44 4
5Carter Knox2023Manchester Valley High School17:37.00 5
6Wyatt Vanlandingham2022Westminster High School17:56.50 6
7Logan Cyford2023Liberty High School18:11.30 7
8Patrick Ziegenfuss2022Manchester Valley High School18:19.70 8
9Noah Petroski2024Liberty High School18:20.37 9
10Samuel Heintz2023Century High School18:24.60 10
11Nick Henderson2022Winters Mill High School18:27.00 11
12Noah Fisher2023Francis Scott Key High School18:30.00 12
13Ben Hasty2025Francis Scott Key High School18:31.00 13
14Kunal Shah2022Winters Mill High School18:33.00 14
15Cody Volz2025Francis Scott Key High School18:43.00 15
16Brendan Luck2023Liberty High School18:45.65 16
17Adam Mower2024Century High School18:45.90 17
18Jaden Lewis2022Century High School18:46.80 18
19Benjamin Smith2024Liberty High School18:47.89 19
20Lukas Michael2024Westminster High School18:54.80 20
21Jace Calhoun2024Manchester Valley High School19:05.16 21
22Vincent Schellberg2022Liberty High School19:09.40 22
23Creighton Ament2022Manchester Valley High School19:12.90 23
24Tyler Edson2023Liberty High School19:13.60 24
25Nolan Smith2023Century High School19:16.40 25
26Patrick Bull2022Century High School19:24.60 26
27Parker Foster2024Winters Mill High School19:25.00 27
28Luke Carpenter2022Liberty High School19:30.76 --
29Quinlan Casey2024Manchester Valley High School19:32.03 28
30Spencer Hope2022Liberty High School19:35.71 --
31Levi Lustig2025Century High School19:39.20 29
32Benson Sommerfeldt2025South Carroll High School19:42.70 30
33Evan Kowalewski2025Century High School19:43.30 --
34Stanley Mesceda2025Liberty High School19:47.90 --
35Brendan Hoey2023Century High School19:54.10 --
36Nick Polischeck2022Manchester Valley High School19:54.30 31
37Justin Condon2022Westminster High School19:57.20 32
38Christian Childs2024Manchester Valley High School20:01.00 --
39Tommy Holford2022Winters Mill High School20:01.19 33
40Gavin Boer2025Manchester Valley High School20:04.10 --
41Logan Aldrich2023Francis Scott Key High School20:12.90 34
42Camden Larson2022South Carroll High School20:15.00 35
43Ryan Hartranft2025Century High School20:15.40 --
44Eddie Loudenclos2024Winters Mill High School20:16.60 36
45Todd Rusnak2022Manchester Valley High School20:19.44 --
46Aiden Michael2022Century High School20:19.80 --
47Salvatore Lavelle2025Century High School20:21.30 --
48Theo Beyer2022Winters Mill High School20:22.30 37
49Eveyn Konyar2025Liberty High School20:23.70 --
50Louis Losoya2023Century High School20:24.80 --
51Harrison Greenwald2024Century High School20:27.20 --
52Gabriel Oetken2023South Carroll High School20:34.94 38
53Jayden Craig2023Westminster High School20:36.90 39
54Ethan Baldwin2025Century High School20:41.00 --
55Lucas Walthour2024Liberty High School20:41.28 --
56Connor Hoey2025Century High School20:41.50 --
57Derek Yuenger2023Winters Mill High School20:42.00 --
58Michael Fronheiser2024Westminster High School20:50.90 40
59Jacob Gooding2024South Carroll High School20:57.30 41
60Jacob Letnaunchyn2022Manchester Valley High School21:02.80 --
61Trent Lomax2023Winters Mill High School21:03.88 --
62Daniel Russell2024Winters Mill High School21:04.30 --
63Nathan Chalk2023Manchester Valley High School21:04.90 --
64Colin Stohrer2024Westminster High School21:05.10 42
65Wyatt Sharp2025Westminster High School21:07.50 43
66Alex Davis2023Westminster High School21:10.90 --
67Aiden Fisher2025Francis Scott Key High School21:17.00 44
68Sean Myron2025Century High School21:17.60 --
69Anderson Jones2023Manchester Valley High School21:22.50 --
70August Jones2024Manchester Valley High School21:29.80 --
71Quinn Greene2023South Carroll High School21:32.75 45
72Jesse Gresh2025Liberty High School21:38.10 --
73Ethan Mccrory2022Manchester Valley High School21:38.80 --
74Austin Zeigenfuse2023Manchester Valley High School21:43.87 --
75Joseph DuMars2024South Carroll High School21:46.40 46
76Alexander Raffucci2023Century High School21:47.60 --
77Duncan Christensen2025Westminster High School21:49.70 --
78Peyton Ellis2023Westminster High School21:55.30 --
79Andrew Bauer2022Century High School22:00.90 --
80Kyle DelRegno2025South Carroll High School22:01.25 47
81Mason Magee2024South Carroll High School22:03.34 --
82Brenden Bosley2025Francis Scott Key High School22:06.00 48
83James Hobbs2023Liberty High School22:07.40 --
84Brennan Hanson2024Century High School22:07.80 --
85Aden Hacking2023Manchester Valley High School22:07.90 --
86Jake Hamilton2022Century High School22:09.00 --
87Aidan Henry2023Winters Mill High School22:09.18 --
88Justin Haney2022Liberty High School22:09.50 --
89Tin Huyhn2024Liberty High School22:14.72 --
90Aedan Gannon2024Manchester Valley High School22:20.50 --
91Nick Johnson2023Westminster High School22:29.60 --
92Guy Christensen2022Westminster High School22:33.20 --
93Cole Ries2025Winters Mill High School22:33.90 --
94Luke Leips2025South Carroll High School22:38.60 --
95Sean Gillis2025South Carroll High School22:42.50 --
96Owen Swisdak2024Century High School23:03.50 --
97Michael Jaret2022Westminster High School23:09.70 --
98Brendan Tunkel2023South Carroll High School23:16.20 --
99Jack Galligan2025Century High School23:19.60 --
100Logan Middleton2023Westminster High School23:24.80 --
101Oaken Kukulka2025Francis Scott Key High School23:26.00 49
102Max DeLuca2025Century High School23:26.30 --
103Jacob Schroeder2022South Carroll High School23:30.91 --
104Matthew Holstein2022South Carroll High School23:35.75 --
105Hunter Bareham2025Westminster High School23:36.20 --
106Ian Thorpe2022Liberty High School23:48.20 --
107Gregg Gambino2025Westminster High School23:51.40 --
108Collin McLain2023Manchester Valley High School23:54.20 --
109Michael Brown2023Century High School23:55.40 --
110Jackson Vendemia2023South Carroll High School24:00.90 --
111Phillip Lazo2024South Carroll High School24:01.30 --
112Connor Ryan2022Manchester Valley High School24:15.70 --
113Dan Peloguin2022Manchester Valley High School24:27.60 --
114Jack Shetterly2022Winters Mill High School24:31.20 --
115Josh Laur2025Westminster High School24:31.60 --
116Patrick Nash-Mercado2023Manchester Valley High School24:55.50 --
117James Pereira2022Westminster High School24:56.70 --
118Cross Imbraguglio2025Manchester Valley High School24:57.90 --
119Mason Gorthy2025Westminster High School24:58.50 --
120Ryan Fleming2023Century High School25:02.40 --
121Daniel Zentz2022Westminster High School25:16.60 --
122Kyle Sobchak2024Century High School25:25.00 --
123William Cunningham2025Manchester Valley High School25:29.20 --
124Ben Stautzenbach2022Winters Mill High School25:43.00 --
125Wyatt McNamara2024Westminster High School25:47.20 --
126Tim Golombeck2023Liberty High School25:51.30 --
127William Krouse2025South Carroll High School26:01.40 --
128Luke Meissner2025Liberty High School26:17.30 --
129Charlie Ponte2025Westminster High School26:23.60 --
130Caleb Di Gregorio2025Century High School26:35.90 --
131J.W. House2025South Carroll High School26:41.20 --
132Carter Wright2025Winters Mill High School26:55.10 --
133Alex Traenkner2023Manchester Valley High School26:56.50 --
134Noah Huffman2025Liberty High School27:07.00 --
135Robert McNamara2022Westminster High School27:13.40 --
136Gavin Donoghue2024Westminster High School27:15.00 --
137Alex Chumak2024Winters Mill High School27:17.74 --
138James Jordan2025Liberty High School27:29.70 --
139Collin Phamdo2025South Carroll High School27:48.80 --
140Zachary Meisenkothen2024South Carroll High School28:34.20 --
141Ryder Kolakowski2025South Carroll High School28:37.40 --
142Chris Morrison2025Liberty High School29:27.39 --
143Malcolm Lakey2024South Carroll High School30:41.70 --
144Dima Chenoweth2025Westminster High School32:55.70 --

Boys Team Scores

1Liberty High School554+7+9+16+19 (22+24)1:11.4518:20.33
2Manchester Valley High School581+5+8+21+23 (28+31)3:00.9018:05.35
3Century High School722+10+17+18+25 (26+29)2:26.5018:24.72
4Winters Mill High School883+11+14+27+33 (36+37)2:43.1918:44.84
5Francis Scott Key High School11812+13+15+34+44 (48+49)2:47.0019:26.78
6Westminster High School1376+20+32+39+40 (42+43)2:54.4019:39.26
7South Carroll High School18930+35+38+41+45 (46+47)1:50.0520:36.54