REGIONALS MERGE: 4A Classification (With Team Scores)

We merged all 4 regional divisions (East, South, West, and North) for the 4A Classification. This list includes all athletes that ran in the regional lists and the time or mark that they hit at the meet (Not necessarily the best time they have run this season). It should provide a good preview of what might shake out next week at the State Championship. 


Projected Team Scores

1Bowie High School68.5
2Severna Park High School57.5
3Seneca Valley High School50.78
4Henry A. Wise High School42
5Quince Orchard High School36
6Dundalk High School34
7Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School31
8DuVal High School30
9Parkville High School28.14
10North Point High School25.14
11Northwest High School24
12Montgomery Blair High School23
13Old Mill High School21
14Paint Branch High School20.5
15Walter Johnson High School20
16Dulaney High School18
17Winston Churchill High School17
18Gaithersburg High School15
19C.H. Flowers High School14
19Clarksburg High School14
19High Point High School14
22Broadneck Senior High School13
23North County High School12.5
24Urbana High School11
25Sherwood High School10.5
26Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School10
26Northwood High School10
28Richard Montgomery High School9
29Walt Whitman High School8
30Leonardtown High School5
31Arundel High School3.5
32James Hubert Blake High School3
33South River High School1.5
34Meade High School1
35Thomas S. Wootton High School0.28
36Annapolis Senior High School0.14

100 Meter Dash

1Mykel Morman2023Henry A. Wise High School10.57 10
2Xavier Travers2023High Point High School10.88 8
3Joshua Narh2023DuVal High School10.93 6
4Antoine Spencer2023North Point High School10.97 5
5Darrien Ocean2023Arundel High School11.02 3.5
5Nick C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School11.02 3.5
7Shelton Todd2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School11.07 2
8Elijah Snead2023Quince Orchard High School11.09 1
9Samuel Omotoso2024Seneca Valley High School11.10 0
10Zion Abdul-Wahid2023Parkville High School11.14 --
11David James2023Wheaton High School11.17 --
11Joseph Towler2023Henry A. Wise High School11.17 --
13Deon Windham2024C.H. Flowers High School11.18 --
14Denzel Boakye2025Northwest High School11.22 --
14Kayvawn Simms Roger2024Meade High School11.22 --
16Doyin Smith2024Parkville High School11.29 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Mykel Morman2023Henry A. Wise High School20.87 10
2Joshua Narh2023DuVal High School21.42 8
3Xavier Travers2023High Point High School21.61 6
4Nick C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School21.74 5
5Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School21.87 4
6Antoine Spencer2023North Point High School21.88 3
7Zion Abdul-Wahid2023Parkville High School22.09 2
8Deon Windham2024C.H. Flowers High School22.11 1
9Kean Tanyi-Tang2024Urbana High School22.21 --
10Kayvawn Simms Roger2024Meade High School22.29 --
10Luke Wales2023Walt Whitman High School22.29 --
12Doyin Smith2024Parkville High School22.30 --
13Levi Newman2024Bowie High School22.36 --
14David James2023Wheaton High School22.37 --
15Darrien Ocean2023Arundel High School22.48 --
16Shelton Todd2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School22.49 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School48.61 10
2Levi Newman2024Bowie High School49.05 8
3Challenger Valentine2024Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School49.41 6
4Nick C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School49.49 5
5Aaron Lippman2024Parkville High School49.64 4
6Israel Ogwu2023North County High School49.86 3
7Aiden Vanderbilt2023Broadneck Senior High School49.88 2
8Damilola Oyeniran2025Seneca Valley High School50.11 1
9Brandon Alston2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School50.26 --
10Kean Tanyi-Tang2024Urbana High School50.27 --
11James Snead2025Winston Churchill High School50.34 --
12Matthew Calinda2024Meade High School50.41 --
13Marcus Molock2025Henry A. Wise High School50.48 --
14Daniel MASTERSON2024Annapolis Senior High School51.15 --
15La'kyi Wilson2024Seneca Valley High School51.17 --
16Agbor Akoarrey2024Old Mill High School51.20 --
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800 Meter Run

1Gage Osborne2023Northwest High School1:57.35 10
2Alexander Risso2024Montgomery Blair High School1:58.27 8
3Liad Simhony2024Walter Johnson High School1:58.40 6
4Bradan Welby2023Winston Churchill High School1:58.55 5
5Kehan Bhati2023Quince Orchard High School1:58.61 4
6Griffin White2024Winston Churchill High School1:58.81 3
7Israel Ogwu2023North County High School1:58.97 2
8Noah Fisher2023Richard Montgomery High School1:59.39 1
9Fox Larson2024Broadneck Senior High School1:59.45 --
10Calix McCormick2024Walter Johnson High School1:59.46 --
11Brooks Steppe2023Severna Park High School1:59.78 --
12Francisco Mora2025Clarksburg High School2:00.45 --
13Diego Escalera2023South River High School2:01.02 --
14Ryan Gibb2023Broadneck Senior High School2:01.36 --
15Panagiotis Marousis2023Catonsville High School2:01.40 --
16Marcus Molock2025Henry A. Wise High School2:01.56 --
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1600 Meter Run

1Tyler Dailey2023Dulaney High School4:19.41 10
2Alejandro Berrio2024Seneca Valley High School4:21.83 8
3Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School4:23.35 6
4Noah Fisher2023Richard Montgomery High School4:23.89 5
5Liam Hagerty2023Severna Park High School4:24.48 4
6Sean Sullivan2023Severna Park High School4:24.85 3
7Calix McCormick2024Walter Johnson High School4:25.57 2
8Peter Imhof2024Leonardtown High School4:26.27 1
9Nikhil Manickam2023Dulaney High School4:26.69 --
10Jonathan Kenney2024Northwood High School4:28.57 --
11Frederick Alfonso-Frank2023Montgomery Blair High School4:28.71 --
12Stepan Volkov2025Winston Churchill High School4:28.90 --
13Ezra Gashaw2023Wheaton High School4:29.50 --
14Nathaniel Swanson2025Winston Churchill High School4:29.52 --
15Ajibu Pascali2023Northwood High School4:29.57 --
16Ben Sterner2024Broadneck Senior High School4:30.58 --
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3200 Meter Run

1Gage Osborne2023Northwest High School9:37.03 10
2Nikhil Manickam2023Dulaney High School9:37.52 8
3Alejandro Berrio2024Seneca Valley High School9:38.04 6
4Sean Sullivan2023Severna Park High School9:38.19 5
5Liam Hagerty2023Severna Park High School9:40.30 4
6Christopher Nunn2023Severna Park High School9:42.36 3
7Frederick Alfonso-Frank2023Montgomery Blair High School9:42.58 2
8Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School9:42.91 1
9Zaiden Lane2024Arundel High School9:44.03 --
10Nathaniel Swanson2025Winston Churchill High School9:48.34 --
11Peter Imhof2024Leonardtown High School9:48.50 --
12Ben Waterman2023Walt Whitman High School9:49.57 --
13Owen Infante2025South River High School9:50.27 --
14Nathan Belay2023Gaithersburg High School9:51.20 --
15Anthony Verdi2024Urbana High School9:52.10 --
16Connor McGeehan2023Dulaney High School9:52.47 --
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Roberto Terrell2023Quince Orchard High School14.44 10
2Joseph DeRosier2023Old Mill High School14.53 8
3J'Marcus Hines2023Bowie High School14.81 6
4Chancellor DeRosier2024Old Mill High School14.97 5
5Isiah Tancemore2023Dundalk High School15.04 4
6Jameson Pinthiere2023Clarksburg High School15.25 3
7Joseph Addo2024Paint Branch High School15.32 2
8Olayiwola Oniwinde2024Walter Johnson High School15.34 1
9Gunner Denius2023Broadneck Senior High School15.44 --
10Kamren Vines2024Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School15.59 --
11Emmanuel Murray2023Henry A. Wise High School15.62 --
12Naite Traore2024C.H. Flowers High School15.63 --
13Ethan Madraymootoo2024Urbana High School15.65 --
14Isaiah Parson2023Meade High School15.67 --
14Mekhi Boyd2023North County High School15.67 --
16Gabriel Rosenberg2023Albert Einstein High School15.73 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Roberto Terrell2023Quince Orchard High School38.05 10
2J'Marcus Hines2023Bowie High School39.02 8
3Emmanuel Murray2023Henry A. Wise High School39.08 6
4Joseph DeRosier2023Old Mill High School39.37 5
5Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School39.38 4
6Benick Akeh2024James Hubert Blake High School39.48 3
7Shelton Davis2023Urbana High School39.81 2
8Emmanuel Olarewaju2023Meade High School40.34 1
9Osmon Best2024DuVal High School40.44 --
10Isiah Tancemore2023Dundalk High School40.50 --
11Panagiotis Marousis2023Catonsville High School40.67 --
12Ethan Madraymootoo2024Urbana High School40.73 --
13Olaoluwa Fagbenro2023DuVal High School40.81 --
14Mateo Mosby2024Walter Johnson High School41.01 --
15Joseph Addo2024Paint Branch High School41.17 --
16Olayiwola Oniwinde2024Walter Johnson High School41.40 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Henry A. Wise High School42.15 10
2DuVal High School42.68 8
3North Point High School42.72 6
4Parkville High School42.84 5
5Seneca Valley High School43.20 4
6Dundalk High School43.21 3
7Northwest High School43.22 2
8Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School43.23 1
9Arundel High School43.31 --
10Wheaton High School43.32 --
11Thomas S. Wootton High School43.34 --
12C.H. Flowers High School43.36 --
13Montgomery Blair High School43.71 --
14Urbana High School43.73 --
15Quince Orchard High School43.85 --
16Bowie High School43.91 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Bowie High School1:26.18 10
2C.H. Flowers High School1:27.95 8
3North Point High School1:28.10 6
4Quince Orchard High School1:29.01 5
5Seneca Valley High School1:29.04 4
6Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School1:29.43 3
7Broadneck Senior High School1:30.41 2
8Dundalk High School1:30.51 1
9Northwest High School1:30.80 --
10Henry A. Wise High School1:30.86 --
11Montgomery Blair High School1:30.90 --
12Wheaton High School1:31.12 --
13Dulaney High School1:31.14 --
14Urbana High School1:31.16 --
15Laurel High School1:31.20 --
16Meade High School1:31.60 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Bowie High School3:15.20 10
2DuVal High School3:17.50 8
3Henry A. Wise High School3:19.39 6
4Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School3:20.39 5
5Urbana High School3:23.76 4
6Parkville High School3:23.92 3
7Paint Branch High School3:24.15 2
8Seneca Valley High School3:24.32 1
9Broadneck Senior High School3:25.37 --
10Meade High School3:25.79 --
11Montgomery Blair High School3:25.84 --
12Old Mill High School3:26.41 --
13Winston Churchill High School3:27.57 --
14Dundalk High School3:28.29 --
15North Point High School3:28.32 --
16Albert Einstein High School3:30.98 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Northwood High School8:08.74 10
2Montgomery Blair High School8:09.45 8
3Walter Johnson High School8:09.96 6
4Urbana High School8:10.02 5
5Broadneck Senior High School8:10.68 4
6Richard Montgomery High School8:11.38 3
7Severna Park High School8:11.70 2
8Walt Whitman High School8:14.54 1
9Winston Churchill High School8:16.34 --
10Old Mill High School8:16.56 --
11Northwest High School8:17.64 --
12Dulaney High School8:18.40 --
13Henry A. Wise High School8:19.70 --
14South River High School8:22.53 --
15Albert Einstein High School8:25.13 --
16Bowie High School8:26.15 --
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High Jump

1Jack Link2023Sherwood High School6-4 9
1Kian Williams2024Severna Park High School6-4 9
3Isiah Tancemore2023Dundalk High School6-2 5
3Kameron Dove2023Broadneck Senior High School6-2 5
3Ty Miller2025Severna Park High School6-2 5
6Michael Byerly2023Severna Park High School6-0 2.5
6Ryan Samuels2024Bowie High School6-0 2.5
8Ian Brown2023Annapolis Senior High School5-10 0.143
8Jordan Taylor2026North Point High School5-10 0.143
8Josiah Legree2024Parkville High School5-10 0.143
8Raheem Mbaye Jr.2023Seneca Valley High School5-10 0.143
8Romell Nellis2023Seneca Valley High School5-10 0.143
8Sreeanish Yarra2024Thomas S. Wootton High School5-10 0.143
8Yule Pieters2023Thomas S. Wootton High School5-10 0.143
15Amani Lett2024DuVal High School5-8 --
15Amari Williams-Watkins2024Gaithersburg High School5-8 --
15Ben Kurtz2023Leonardtown High School5-8 --
15Chavoye White2026Bowie High School5-8 --
15Cody Da2023Richard Montgomery High School5-8 --
15Jerry Holmes2023Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School5-8 --
15Jordan Abikoye2023C.H. Flowers High School5-8 --
15Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School5-8 --
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Long Jump

1Micheal Nwaogwugwu2024Gaithersburg High School23-0.75 10
2Jaylin Briston2023Parkville High School22-11.5 8
3Roberto Terrell2023Quince Orchard High School22-6.25 6
4Kendall Wideman II2024Seneca Valley High School22-0 5
5Shamar Hill2024Leonardtown High School21-11.75 4
6Raheem Mbaye Jr.2023Seneca Valley High School21-11.5 3
7Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School21-8.5 2
8Ethan Yen2023Winston Churchill High School21-5.5 1
9Jamal Terry2023Henry A. Wise High School21-2.5 --
10David Heard Jr2023Perry Hall High School21-2.25 --
11Andrew Conyers2024Dulaney High School20-10 --
12Desmond Whitley2023Clarksburg High School20-9.75 --
13Martin Ohakah2024North County High School20-9.25 --
14Anthony Enilolobo2023Paint Branch High School20-7.5 --
15Christian Whitehead2024Urbana High School20-7.25 --
16Kofi Duro2025Arundel High School20-5.75 --
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Triple Jump

1Desmond Whitley2023Clarksburg High School47-10.75 10
2Kian Williams2024Severna Park High School45-6 8
3Martin Ohakah2024North County High School44-7 6
4Johnathan Taylor2023C.H. Flowers High School43-4.5 5
5Romell Nellis2023Seneca Valley High School43-1.5 4
6Raheem Mbaye Jr.2023Seneca Valley High School42-11.75 3
7Akhili Reece2025Sherwood High School42-7 1.5
7Chancellor DeRosier2024Old Mill High School42-7 1.5
9Isaac Olanrewaju2025Seneca Valley High School41-11.75 0
10Sreeanish Yarra2024Thomas S. Wootton High School41-8.75 --
11Matthew Calinda2024Meade High School41-6 --
12Kamari Brathwaite2023Dundalk High School41-2.5 --
13Atebeh Awungjia2024DuVal High School41-1 --
13DeJuan Bowdry, Jr.2024Arundel High School41-1 --
13Kameron Dove2023Broadneck Senior High School41-1 --
16Aidan Kress2023Old Mill High School40-10 --
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Pole Vault

1Seamus McCann2024Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School14-4 10
2Jackson Larson2024Winston Churchill High School12-1 8
3Carson Dohn2025Gaithersburg High School11-7 5
3John Mclain2025Severna Park High School11-7 5
3Josh Hananel2025Walter Johnson High School11-7 5
6Avery Raspa2025South River High School11-1 1.5
6Elijah Ford2024North County High School11-1 1.5
6Julien Badoo2023Seneca Valley High School11-1 1.5
6Tristan Sudama2025Old Mill High School11-1 1.5
10Henry Hooker2025South River High School10-7 --
10Levi Sontz2024Urbana High School10-7 --
10Luke Tyler2024Severna Park High School10-7 --
10Tristen Morris2023Old Mill High School10-7 --
10Ty Miller2025Severna Park High School10-7 --
15Hayden Lopez2025Perry Hall High School10-1 --
15Lucas Hoffman2023Urbana High School10-1 --
17Alemdar Shiferaw Uzman2024Montgomery Blair High School9-7 0
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Shot Put

1Chimdy Onoh2023Dundalk High School57-10.5 10
2Alexander Brown2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School49-3 8
3Jaylin Ivey2024Bowie High School48-9.5 6
4Nahom Tsegaye2023Montgomery Blair High School48-8 5
5Jeremiah Smith2023Parkville High School48-2 4
6Niel Jr Telfer2023Seneca Valley High School47-5 3
7Paul X. Rivers2024Northwest High School47-4 2
8Jamal Portis2023Dundalk High School46-6 1
9Joseph Hyman2023North Point High School46-2 --
10Aaron Humes2024Urbana High School45-11.5 --
11Bradley Kamga2024C.H. Flowers High School45-8 --
12Evan Cooke2023Seneca Valley High School43-8.5 --
13Lloyd Cox2025Parkville High School43-6 --
14Douglass Johnson2024Northwest High School42-5 --
15Jason Hundley2024C.H. Flowers High School42-3.5 --
16Hunter Mann2025Leonardtown High School42-1 --
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1Chimdy Onoh2023Dundalk High School153-8 10
2Michael Cingel2024Severna Park High School141-9 7
2Niel Jr Telfer2023Seneca Valley High School141-9 7
4Stephen Neal2024North Point High School140-1 5
5Jaylin Ivey2024Bowie High School139-6 4
6Isam A. Banajah2023Paint Branch High School138-3 3
7Jeremiah Smith2023Parkville High School136-2 2
8Georges Monga Mande2025Clarksburg High School135-4 1
9Warner DeBlock2024Broadneck Senior High School135-3 0
10Favor Bate2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School133-8 --
11Joe Flynn2024Walter Johnson High School133-4 --
12Bradley Kamga2024C.H. Flowers High School133-1 --
13Hunter Mann2025Leonardtown High School130-6 --
14Jamal Portis2023Dundalk High School128-5 --
15Paul X. Rivers2024Northwest High School128-0 --
16Alexander Brown2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School127-1 --