MERGED RESULTS: 4A MPSSAA Regional Championships

MileSplit has the feature to merge multiple meets and show you the score and outcome as if they were run as one meet. The results below are a merge of the 2A West, East, and Central.

We will have a full State Meet preview next week but below will show you the top teams and contenders for that meet. 

Team Scores

1Gov. Thomas Johnson High School69.36
2Bowie High School49.29
3Paint Branch High School42
4Urbana High School41
5Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School27
5Old Mill High School27
5Parkville High School27
8Seneca Valley High School26
9Northwest High School25
10Walter Johnson High School24
11North Point High School20.5
12Winston Churchill High School20
13Frederick High School17
14Crofton High School15
15Meade High School14
16DuVal High School11.5
17Montgomery Blair High School10

55 Meter Dash

1Nicholas C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School6.39 10
2Ryan Samuels2024Bowie High School6.45 8
3Kayvawn Simms Roger2024Meade High School6.48 6
4Roman Spikes2024Paint Branch High School6.49 5
5Quentin Braithwaite2025Montgomery Blair High School6.50 4
6Doyin Smith2024Parkville High School6.51 3
7Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School6.52 2
8Christian Muschette2025North Point High School6.55 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Nicholas C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School34.45 10
2Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School34.96 8
3Jaidyn Adams2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School35.65 6
4Damilola Oyeniran2025Seneca Valley High School35.74 5
5Doyin Smith2024Parkville High School35.77 4
6Amir Duff2027North Point High School35.78 3
7Roman Spikes2024Paint Branch High School35.95 2
8Quentin Braithwaite2025Montgomery Blair High School35.96 1
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500 Meter Dash

1Aaron Lippman2024Parkville High School1:06.09 10
2Matthew Calinda2024Meade High School1:06.69 8
3Kean Tanyi-Tang2024Urbana High School1:07.20 6
4Jordan Sofon2024Urbana High School1:08.31 5
5Bryan Schaeffer2025Crofton High School1:08.32 4
6Lamine Kane2024Woodlawn High School1:08.34 3
7Mohamed Damba2024DuVal High School1:08.60 2
8Jacob Martin2025Paint Branch High School1:08.67 1
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800 Meter Run

1Andrew J. Tucker2024Northwest High School1:58.52 10
2Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School1:58.68 8
3Jonathan Regules2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:59.91 6
4Fox Larson2024Broadneck Senior High School2:00.35 5
5Patrick Mozden2024Albert Einstein High School2:00.41 4
6Calix McCormick2024Walter Johnson High School2:01.30 3
7Liad Simhony2024Walter Johnson High School2:01.55 2
8Anthony Verdi IV2024Urbana High School2:01.60 1
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1600 Meter Run

1James Partlow2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School4:19.23 10
2Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School4:20.93 8
3Alejandro Berrio2024Seneca Valley High School4:23.14 6
4Naasir Bakari2025Northwest High School4:23.18 5
5Anthony Verdi IV2024Urbana High School4:24.54 4
6Jonathan Regules2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School4:25.84 3
7Fox Larson2024Broadneck Senior High School4:26.23 2
8Patrick Mozden2024Albert Einstein High School4:28.13 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Alejandro Berrio2024Seneca Valley High School9:28.12 10
2James Partlow2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School9:32.98 8
3Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School9:36.93 6
4Nathaniel Swanson2025Winston Churchill High School9:37.91 5
5Naasir Bakari2025Northwest High School9:42.11 4
6Ayaan AHmad2026Clarksburg High School9:46.25 3
7Jacob Bayes2024Bowie High School9:49.34 2
8Henry Nichols2026Northwood High School9:52.27 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School7.37 10
2Chancellor DeRosier2024Old Mill High School7.65 8
3Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School7.69 5.5
3Osmon Best2024DuVal High School7.69 5.5
5Newton Essiem2024Frederick High School7.70 4
6Joseph Addo2024Paint Branch High School7.88 3
7Jayden Apenteng2025Northwood High School7.92 1.5
7Olayiwola Oniwinde2024Walter Johnson High School7.92 1.5
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Bowie High School1:30.26 10
2North Point High School1:30.65 8
3Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:31.08 6
4Paint Branch High School1:31.58 5
5Montgomery Blair High School1:32.77 4
6Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School1:33.77 3
7Parkville High School1:33.81 2
8Urbana High School1:34.21 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Bowie High School3:25.06 10
2Parkville High School3:28.28 8
3Paint Branch High School3:29.17 6
4North Point High School3:29.18 5
5DuVal High School3:29.55 4
6Urbana High School3:30.68 3
7Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School3:31.95 2
8Montgomery Blair High School3:32.31 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Urbana High School8:15.93 10
2Walter Johnson High School8:21.61 8
3Northwest High School8:21.79 6
4Winston Churchill High School8:27.01 5
5Crofton High School8:28.83 4
6Old Mill High School8:29.23 3
7Gov. Thomas Johnson High School8:29.44 2
8Clarksburg High School8:32.72 1
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High Jump

1Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School6-6 10
2Davian Pryor2024Frederick High School6-4 8
3Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School6-3 6
4Kendall Wideman II2024Seneca Valley High School6-0 5
5Brayden George2025North Point High School5-10 3.5
5Vance Bonior2024Walter Johnson High School5-10 3.5
7Chavoye White2026Bowie High School5-8 0.429
7Clark Fuhwni2025Springbrook High School5-8 0.429
7Gilberto Ramos2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School5-8 0.429
7Isaiah Adamson0Gov. Thomas Johnson High School5-8 0.429
7Jacob Denny2025Bowie High School5-8 0.429
7Princwill Osahon2025Bowie High School5-8 0.429
7Ronald Rodgers2026Quince Orchard High School5-8 0.429
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Pole Vault

1Jackson Larson2024Winston Churchill High School14-3 10
2Gilberto Ramos2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School13-11 8
3Seamus McCann2024Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School13-9 6
4Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School13-5 5
5Chase Severtson2024Crofton High School11-11 3.5
5Logan Zakour2026Crofton High School11-11 3.5
7Elijah Ford2024North County High School11-5 1
7John Oguariri2025Frederick High School11-5 1
7Levi Sontz2024Urbana High School11-5 1
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Shot Put

1Aaron Humes2024Urbana High School49-8 10
2Jaylin Ivey2024Bowie High School48-10.75 8
3Vance Bonior2024Walter Johnson High School47-1 6
4Hunter Mann2025Leonardtown High School46-4 5
5Taejon Anderson2024Frederick High School46-0.5 4
6Spencer Dewease2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School45-10.25 3
7Danny Orr2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School44-10.75 2
8Jason Hundley2024C.H. Flowers High School44-1 1