Way Too Early Preview: 2025 3A Outdoor State Championships


After a runner-up finish in 2024, Oakland Mills will look to be back on top next year as they are the very early preseason favorite. Check out the top 20 teams and top 8 individuals in each event below!

Team Scores

1Oakland Mills High School72.5
2Digital Harbor High School61
3Great Mills High School58.75
4Oakdale High School40.61
5Arundel High School38
6Overlea High School34.75
7Mt. Hebron High School24
8Severna Park High School20.43
9Chopticon High School20
10Manchester Valley High School16
11Northern-Calvert High School14.5
12River Hill High School12
12Towson High School12
14Howard High School11
14Thomas S. Wootton High School11
16North Hagerstown High School10
17Linganore High School9.43
18Northeast Senior High School9
18St. Charles High School9
20Atholton High School8

100 Meter Dash

1Zachary Braden2026Great Mills High School10.46 10
2Karell Clement2025River Hill High School10.86 8
3Bronte Morton2026Towson High School10.88 6
4Davion Shell2026Overlea High School10.89 5
5Kymanni Johnson2025Overlea High School10.92 4
6Kyion Greenwood2026Edgewood High School10.94 3
7Samuel Koiwood2025Watkins Mill High School10.96 2
8LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School10.99 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Zachary Braden2026Great Mills High School21.14 10
2Davion Shell2026Overlea High School21.47 8
3LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School21.51 6
4Kymanni Johnson2025Overlea High School21.56 5
5Jayden Deleon2026Oakland Mills High School21.77 4
6Karell Clement2025River Hill High School21.84 3
7Connor Seabrease2025Chesapeake High School-AA21.93 2
8DeAndre Thomas2026Digital Harbor High School22.14 1
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400 Meter Dash

1LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School46.93 10
2Jayden Deleon2026Oakland Mills High School47.40 8
3Solomon Small2025Oakland Mills High School49.47 6
4Ajani Miller2025St. Charles High School49.70 5
5Keshon Tate2025Oakland Mills High School49.81 4
6Divino Lowe2025Franklin High School49.95 3
7Ra'Shad Cure2026Baltimore City College49.96 2
8Wyatt Zeigenfuss2026Manchester Valley High School50.15 1
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800 Meter Run

1Wyatt Zeigenfuss2026Manchester Valley High School1:57.90 10
2Alex Adetolu2025Linganore High School1:58.03 8
3Hunter Parsons2025Towson High School1:58.11 6
4Michael Heinemann2025Mt. Hebron High School1:58.59 5
5Rohan Moore2025Northeast Senior High School1:58.79 4
6Colton Longobardi2026Chopticon High School1:58.90 3
7Kal Yewlsew2026Thomas S. Wootton High School2:00.13 2
8Solomon Small2025Oakland Mills High School2:00.15 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Michael Heinemann2025Mt. Hebron High School4:21.44 10
2Cleveland J. Wall2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School4:26.18 7
2Mason Tyus2026Arundel High School4:26.18 7
4Rohan Moore2025Northeast Senior High School4:27.07 5
5Edward Sun2025Thomas S. Wootton High School4:27.37 4
6Braden Gutekunst2025Great Mills High School4:27.88 3
7Walker Mason2026North Hagerstown High School4:29.02 2
8Nathan Downie2026Thomas S. Wootton High School4:29.45 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Mason Tyus2026Arundel High School9:36.99 10
2Walker Mason2026North Hagerstown High School9:37.32 8
3Michael Heinemann2025Mt. Hebron High School9:38.13 6
4Braden Gutekunst2025Great Mills High School9:39.71 5
5Edward Sun2025Thomas S. Wootton High School9:40.98 4
6Rayyan Dheini2025Howard High School9:43.93 3
7Conrad Mlynek2025Catonsville High School9:44.37 2
8David Tressler2025Oakdale High School9:44.54 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Jevonte Williams2026Digital Harbor High School14.32 10
2Mobolaji BJ Popoola2025Great Mills High School14.34 8
3GABRIEL MURRAY2025Oakland Mills High School14.40 6
4DeAndre Thomas2026Digital Harbor High School14.73 5
5Emmanuel Egbujonuma2025Overlea High School14.86 4
6Isaac Ramsey2025Oakland Mills High School15.03 3
7Gavin Wade2026Arundel High School15.31 2
8Taiwan Samuel2025Overlea High School15.40 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1GABRIEL MURRAY2025Oakland Mills High School37.91 10
2Jevonte Williams2026Digital Harbor High School38.66 8
3DeAndre Thomas2026Digital Harbor High School38.90 6
4Gavin Wade2026Arundel High School39.38 5
5Mobolaji BJ Popoola2025Great Mills High School39.69 4
6Connor Fries2026Mt. Hebron High School40.13 3
7Isaac Ramsey2025Oakland Mills High School40.43 2
8Ralph Aaron Etaba2025Oakdale High School40.66 1
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Triple Jump

1Derrick(DJ) McCorkle Jr2025Northern-Calvert High School45-6.5 10
2Kofi Duro2025Arundel High School44-6 8
3Kenny Stevens2025Howard High School43-7 6
4Ezekiel Harris2025Manchester Valley High School43-5 5
5Michael Oguyamoju2026Dulaney High School42-6 4
6Joshua Warriner2025Tuscarora High School (MD)41-11.5 3
7Mujeeb Waheed2026Overlea High School41-10.25 2
8Yusuf Shabazz2025River Hill High School41-8.75 1
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High Jump

1Jayon Bembry2025Great Mills High School6-5 10
2AJ York2026Oakland Mills High School6-4 7
2Mobolaji BJ Popoola2025Great Mills High School6-4 7
4Korey Blair2025Overlea High School6-2 4
4Solomon David2025Stephen Decatur High School6-2 4
4Ty Miller2025Severna Park High School6-2 4
7Brayden DeWaal2025Oakdale High School6-0 0.75
7Calvin Kagunda2025Overlea High School6-0 0.75
7Mobolaji Popoola2025Great Mills High School6-0 0.75
7Zeke D. Dabbondanza2027Col. Zadok Magruder High School6-0 0.75
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Long Jump

1Keshon Tate2025Oakland Mills High School22-6.75 10
2Delbert Cowesette2025Atholton High School22-6.5 8
3Kofi Duro2025Arundel High School22-5.75 6
4AJ York2026Oakland Mills High School21-11 4.5
4Derrick(DJ) McCorkle Jr2025Northern-Calvert High School21-11 4.5
6Nicholas Mandis2025Chopticon High School21-5 3
7Darius Moore2026Howard High School21-3.75 2
8Keion Adams2025Great Mills High School21-3 1
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Pole Vault

1Jonas Sparks2026Oakdale High School14-1 10
2Luke Tyler2025Severna Park High School13-0 8
3Henry Hooker2025South River High School12-0 6
4Chase Cage2026Chesapeake High School-AA11-9 5
5Charles Grant2025Franklin High School11-6 1.429
5Emory Best2025Linganore High School11-6 1.429
5John Mclain2025Severna Park High School11-6 1.429
5Mauricio Encalada2025Oakdale High School11-6 1.429
5Riley Harich2025Oakdale High School11-6 1.429
5Sean Win2025South River High School11-6 1.429
5Yashvasin Rekula2026Marriotts Ridge High School11-6 1.429
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Shot Put

1Grant Lohr2025Oakdale High School55-11.25 10
2Tristin Gray2025Digital Harbor High School52-9.5 8
3William Mandis2025Chopticon High School48-11 6
4Kyler Valley2026Oakdale High School47-4 5
5Joseph Middleton2025St. Charles High School46-8 4
6Kaiden Lee2025Oakland Mills High School46-2 3
7Luke Byerly2025Severna Park High School43-8.5 2
8Ethan Tapia2025Long Reach High School43-5 1
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1Grant Lohr2025Oakdale High School172-10 10
2William Mandis2025Chopticon High School169-9 8
3Tristin Gray2025Digital Harbor High School150-1 6
4Luke Byerly2025Severna Park High School149-1 5
5Kaiden Lee2025Oakland Mills High School140-9 4
6Jack Rhodes2025South Hagerstown High School133-11 3
7Jeremiah Dailey2026Dulaney High School133-0 2
8Chibuikem Chidebelu2025Overlea High School131-0 1