Bullis Bulldog Invitational 2024

Potomac, MD

Meet Information


APRIL 15, 2023


We are expecting a great meet for tomorrow's Bullis Invitational! We have over 1,500 athletes entered and are excited to host you all! In order to accommodate everyone, while at the same be done at a decent hour, we have made several adjustments. PLEASE READ THEM ALL below so as to be prepared for the day.

Seeded and Unseeded Sections

We will run seeded and unseeded sections for all sprint and sprint relay races. To speed up the meet blocks will be used in the SEEDED sections ONLY. No blocks will be slowed in the unseeded sections (so please do not ask)! Athletes CAN medal, score, AND make finals from the unseeded sections. There is NO FINAL for unseeded section races, however an athlete CAN make the final from an unseeded heat. There will be a 2-SECTION FINAL for the 100m Dash and 200m/110m hurdles. 


We are checking the weather on the hour.  In the event of rain, we will still contest all events. If however thunderstorms come in the area our weather horn will sound and we will be on a 30-minute delay for safety purposes.  Once the horn sounds spectators will be asked to return to their vehicles. Athletes and Coaches will be allowed to enter the Bullis Athletic Center and congregate in one of the two gymnasiums. IF WE GO ON A WEATHER DELAY UPDATES WILL BE POSTED AT THE TOP OF THE MILESPLIT MEET HOME PAGE (ABOVE)! 


We will take scratches up into the morning of the meet. The more you send the more we can condense heats! Please send all scratches directly to our meet timer (Morgan) at morgan@mdtimingllc.com.


In order to eliminate empty lanes and starting positions COACHES MUST DECLARE their athletes for ALL TRACK EVENTS! There are NO exceptions! The declaration window is 3 HOURS BEFORE the event's start and ends 1 HOUR BEFORE the event's start. That means there is If you miss the declaration window your athlete WILL BE SCRATCHED from the event! 

NOTE: Because we are under a declaration process THERE WILL BE NO ADVANCE HEAT SHEETS. Heat sheets will be available online once the declaration process closes for the event (approximately 30 minutes prior to competition).


The seeded sections of the 400 will be run in lanes. All unseeded section will be a California start (just like Penn Relays). 

Sprint Medley & 4x4

The Sprint Medley will run 4,2,2,8 with a waterfall start (same as Penn Relays). The 4x4 will be run the same way. One turn stagger, break on the backstretch. 

800, 1600, & 3200

The seeded 800 & 1600 will be run with a ONE-TURN stagger (break on the backstretch). All other races will be run as a TWO-TURN stagger (break on the homestretch). The 3200 will be run with a TWO-TURN stagger.  The fields will be large so this helps space out the runners before they break. The break will happen AFTER the second turn (start of the 100).

Thanks and See You Tomorrow!

Parking: Parking is limited, please carpool as much as possible.  

****FINAL SCHEDULE!!!******* (revised 4/15/23)

8:30 AMBOYSSeeded4x800
8:41 AMGIRLSSeeded4x800
8:55 AMBOYSSeeded110m Hurdles- Trials
9:03 AMBOYSUnseeded110m Hurdles- Trials
9:17 AMGIRLSSeeded 100m Hurdles- Trials
9:25 AMGIRLSUnseeded100m Hurdles- Trials
9:37 AMBOYSSeeded100m Dash- Trials
9:49 AMBOYSUnseeded100m Dash- Trials
10:08 AMGIRLSSeeded100m Dash- Trials
10:20 AMGIRLSUnseeded100m Dash- Trials
10:36 AMBOYSSeeded800m
10:51 AMGIRLSSeeded800m
11:05 AMBOYSSeeded400H
11:11 AMGIRLSSeeded400H
11:17 AMBOYSSeeded4x100
11:24 AMBOYSUnseeded4x100
11:40 AMGIRLSSeeded4x100
11:48 AMGIRLSUnseeded4x100
12:00 PMCO-ED Throwers4x100m 
12:04 PMCO-ED Masters4x100m
12:07 PMBOYSSeeded400m (lanes)
12:19 PMBOYSUnseeded400m (waterfall)
12:32 PMGIRLSSeeded400m (lanes)
12:44 PMGIRLSUnseeded 400m (waterfall)
12:56 PMBOYSSeeded3200m (2 alley, 2 turn stagger)
1:20 PMGIRLSSeeded3200m (2 alley, 2 turn stagger)
1:33 PMCO-ED Masters100m
1:39 PMBOYSSeeded110m Hurdles- Final
1:45 PMGIRLS Seeded100m Hurdles- Final
1:51 PMBOYSSeededSMR (4-2-2-8)
2:06 PMGIRLSSeededSMR (4-2-2-8)
2:18 PMBOYSSeeded100m Dash- Final
2:24 PMGIRLSSeeded100m  Dash- Final
2:30 PMBOYSSeeded300H
2:34 PMBOYSUnseeded300H
2:47 PMGIRLSSeeded300H
2:51 PMGIRLSUnseeded300H
3:05 PMBOYSSeeded4x200
3:35 PMGIRLSSeeded4x200
3:56 PMBOYSSeeded1600m
4:26 PMGIRLSSeeded1600m
4:54 PMBOYSSeeded200m
5:04 PMBOYSUnseeded200m
5:24 PMGIRLSSeeded200m
5:34 PMGIRLSUnseeded200m
5:51 PMBOYSSeeded4x400
6:01 PMGIRLSSeeded4x400





Unseeded Sections will not use blocks





9:00 AM- Boys Long Jump, Girls High Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus

11:30 AMGirls Long Jump, 

1:00 PM- Boys High Jump, Boys Discus, Girls Shot Put

2:00 PM- Boys Triple Jump

4:30 PM- Girls Triple Jump


*Top 24 entries in each event, verified by meet management through MileSplit. In order to do so horizontal entries will be cut off 7 days before competition so that the marks can be verified. Selected athletes will be posted on flight sheets by Wednesday. Once posted, coaches will be given 24 hours to respond if they feel their jumper has been excluded.

No in-meet additions!

* 3 jumps in the trials, with a 3 Jump final (top 9)

Minimum jumps marked after first legal attempt:

HSG LJ - 15'

HSB LJ - 19'

HSG TJ - 34'

HSB TJ - 39'


$400.00 (Both Boys & Girls Teams)

$200 (Single Gender Teams)

$25 (per athlete -- teams under 5)

PLEASE NOTE: REGISTRATION WILL FILL UP FAST. REGISTRATION FEE must be PAID by April 11th to guarantee entrance into this meet. 


CampusPay is being used for payment for the 2023 Bullis Track Invitational:

Here is the link:


Mail checks To:

Bullis School

Attn: 2023 Bullis Invitational

10601 Falls Rd Potomac, MD 20853

Please put "BULLIS 2023 INVITATIONAL" in subject line for checks

****** Hotel Information************

Event Summary:
Bullis Bulldog Invitational
Start Date: Friday, April 14, 2023
End Date: Monday, April 17, 2023
Last Day to Book: March 30, 2023
Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:
  • Sheraton Rockville Hotel for 129 USD per night
  • Free Parking 
  • Free Wi-Fi 

Other Suggested hotels in the area.