Friday Feature: How the Howard Team Raised the Stakes

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The Howard girls squad has been dominating the cross country season. They've got multiple first-place wins as a team under their belt, which has helped them become the number 1 ranked girls team in Maryland -- and the competition isn't even close. 

2021 PTXC 12.2: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos

(Elizabeth Holcombe leads the Howard team to victory after her fourth-place finish)

Photo: Don Rich

The Howard girls had a breakthrough performance as a team at the 2021 PTXC 12.2 Invitational. Their varsity squad competed in the Varsity Gold Race and took home the first-place title easily. Five of their top runners placed within the top 10, which gave them a score of 33 points: Elizabeth Holcombe (4th, 19:23.7); Nimrit Ahuja (5th, 19:28.1); Jasmine Wilson (6th, 19:29.9); Kiley Mann (8th, 19:38.1); and Hannah Schwab (10th, 19:40.1). Even more impressive: the team's points could be tripled and they'd still be in first. 

(The Howard girls pose with their team trophy) 

Photo: Don Rich 

2021 Bull Run Invitational: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos 


(Pictured left to right: Jasmine Wilson, Kiley Mann, and Nimrit Ahuja

After a solid performance at the PTXC 12.2 meet, the girls went on to dominate the Girls Elite Varsity Race at the 2021 Bull Run Invitational. First, Ahuja had an impressive finish; She fought against Hereford's Estelle Snider and James Hubert Blake's Ella Zeigler for the second-place spot, and she got it. Ahuja took second with a time of 19:57, and the rest of her teammates were right behind: Elizabeth Holcombe (5th, 20:06); Kiley Mann (6th, 20:08); Jasmine Wilson (9th, 20:34); Hannah Schwab (11th, 20:34). As expected, the team was victorious, taking home another first-place win as a team. This time the squad scored 29 points. Once again, the team's points could be tripled, and they'd still be in first. 

(The Howard girls pose with their first-place plaque)

Photo: Zoey Scott

2021 Great American XC Invitational: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos 

It seemed as if the Howard girls were untouchable. Their next dominating performance happened at the 2021 Great American XC Invitational. The girls squad ran in the Girls Race of Champions and they represented Maryland with a third-place finish (149 points). The top five runners ranged from 28th to 50th: Nimrit Ahuja (28th, 18:41.60); Kiley Mann (31st, 18:43.20); Jasmine Wilson (43rd, 19:01.70); Elizabeth Holcombe (44th, 19:03.20); and Hannah Schwab (50th, 19:14.60). All five girls ran a season-best. 

2021 Atholton, Centennial @ Howard Tri-Meet: Results 

The team continued its streak of domination with yet another team title. This time, the girls crushed it at their own home turf. They got a perfect score after going 1-2-3-4-5. Nimrit Ahuja and Kiley Mann went neck-in-neck, but Ahuja was able to outkick Mann for the win. Ahuja finished first with a time of 19:14.0, while Mann finished second with less than a second to spare in 19:14.4. The rest of the pack finished close together with Elizabeth Holcombe as the third-place finisher with a time of 19:19.8. Jasmine Wilson was right behind in fourth with 19:20.2. Hannah Schwab rounded out the podium for fifth and a time of 19:23.5. Overall, the girls scored a mere 15 points, the lowest possible. Atholton followed with 40 points and Centennial finished third with 85 points.

(Hear from Nimrit Ahuja speak on how she has helped lead her team to multiple victories) 

2021 Howard County Championships: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos

(The girls huddle around before the race in a team chant)

Photo: Zoey Scott

(Elizabeth Holcombe leads the race early on)

Photo: Zoey Scott

Just like the Howard Tri-Meet, the girls swept the 2021 Howard County XC Championships. The varsity squad ended up going 1-2-3 (and almost 1-2-3-4-5) in the Girls Varsity Race. Nimrit Ahuja led the pack with a first-place finish and a new meet/course record of 18:21.8. The previous record was held by Oakland Mills' Brit Lang when she ran a time of 18:28.14 at the 2015 Howard County XC Championships. The next Howard athlete was Elizabeth Holcombe finishing second with a time of 18:26.30, which also surpassed the previous meet/course record. The third-place finisher was Kiley Mann with 18:47.30. Hannah Schwab took fifth with 19:00.50 and Jasmine Wilson followed with 19:10.30. An honorable mention for Arshia Mondal who placed first in the Girls JV Race and would be sixth for the Howard girls. In the end, the Howard girls were declared the winners and took their fourth county championship title in a row after scoring just 17 points.

(Nimrit Ahuja finishes first, followed by Elizabeth Holcombe)

Photo: Zoey Scott

(Hear from the Girls Varsity Champion and Runner-Up, Nimrit Ahuja and Elizabeth Holcombe)

2021 MPSSAA 3A East Region Championships: Results I Meet Preview

(Elizabeth Holcombe leads the regional race early on)

Photo: Zoey Scott

(The Howard girls head up a steep hill at the Centennial course)

Photo: Zoey Scott

The most recent meet where the Howard girls excelled was the 2021 MPSSAA 3A East Region Championships. The girls were expected to dominate, and they did just that. In the Girls Varsity Race, Nimrit Ahuja led the girls once again. Ahuja had just beaten the previous meet and course record the week before at the Howard County Championships at Centennial High School. Then, at the same course for the regional meet, she did it again. Ahuja broke her own course record, as well as the meet record (previously held by River Hill's Jasmine Tiamfook [19:09.44] from the 2016 MPSSAA 3A East Region Championships). With a blistering time of 18:13.30, Ahuja took first place. To add, the Howard girls didn't just take the individual title but spots 1-5 as well. They went 1-2-3-4-5 for a perfect score for the second time this season: Nimrit Ahuja (1st, 18:13.30); Kiley Mann (2nd, 18:24.40); Elizabeth Holcombe (3rd, 18:30.40); Hannah Schwab (4th, 18:33.50); and Jasmine Wilson (5th, 18:36.10). Their last two runners also impressed, both finishing in the top 30: Lola Sivley (26th, 20:55.20) and Alison Ferris (29th, 21:00.20). Six of the seven girls ran a season-best. The girls won the team title with a mere 15 points, the lowest possible. 

(The girls embrace each other after a successful race) 

(Hear from the top five runners from Howard's varsity squad about the regional race) 

2021 Maryland XC Invitational: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos 

For the boys, Joseph Raudabaugh has been the team leader throughout the season. Raudabaugh is currently ranked #4 in Maryland after winning the 2021 Maryland XC Invitational with a time of 15:30.00, which happened to be the course record, a school record for Howard, and his personal best. 

(Hear from Howard's Joseph Raudabaugh about his season so far) 

2021 PTXC 12.2: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos

One of Raudabaugh's earlier performances for the 2021 XC season was at the PTXC 12.2 meet in Kutztown, Pa. Raudabaugh, one of the few Maryland runners at the meet, made a name for himself with a breakthrough performance. He finished fifth with a time of 16:06.1. 

(Joseph Raudabaugh pictured during the Boys Varsity Gold Race)

Photo: Don Rich 

2021 Bull Run Invitational: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos 

Raudabaugh performed exceptionally well at the 2021 Bull Run Invitational, despite its rough terrain and steep hills. He ran in the Boys Elite Varsity Race, among some of Maryland's best. He ended up taking fourth with an impressive time of 16:31.8. 

(Joseph Raudabaugh pictured during the end of the Boys Elite Varsity Race)

2021 Great American XC Invitational: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos 
(Joseph Raudabaugh wins the Boys Seeded Race)

Photo: Dan Loughlin

This time, Raudabaugh and the rest of the Howard team traveled down to Cary, North Carolina for the 2021 Great American XC Invitational. Raudabaugh ran in the Boys Seeded Race and had a phenomenal performance. He won the race with a time of 15:33.00. This made him the second-ranked Maryland athlete at the time (based on 5K performances). 

(Watch Joseph Raudabaugh take home the first-place title)

(Hear about Joseph Raudabaugh's performance from the Boys Seeded Race)

2021 Maryland XC Invitational: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos 

(Joseph Raudabaugh pictured during the Boys Race)

Photo: Zoey Scott

Joseph Raudabaugh improved on his times as demonstrated by his performance at the 2021 Maryland XC Invitational. Originally, Dulaney's Tyler Dailey led the race with Raudabaugh following closely behind. However, the two were neck-in-neck in the last stretch of the race. The two bolted to the finish line and they both tied with a time of 15:30.00. Raudabaugh was declared the winner and now holds the course record. This time was also a PR for him and a new school record. 

(The Boys Black & Gold Race ends with a battle between Joseph Raudabaugh and Tyler Dailey)

Photo: Zoey Scott

Raudabaugh's first-place finish paved the way for the rest of his team. The boys' team ended up in third (107 points) for team title behind Winston Churchill (73 points) and Loyola-Blakefield (61 points). 
(The Howard boys pose with their third-place plaque)

Photo: Zoey Scott

2021 Atholton, Centennial @ Howard Tri-Meet: Results 

Not only did Raudabaugh shine in his home tri-meet, but his team did as well. Raudabaugh took first in an impressive 16:25.3. However, it was also a team domination with Howard placing six of their top runners within the top 10: Joseph Raudabaugh (1st, 16:25.30); Kyle Reardon (4th, 16:54.50); Arjun Williams (5th, 17:35.50); Kyle Jones (7th, 17:46.40); Christopher Mann (8th, 17:46.60); and Brandon Franco (9th, 17:46.80). The team took home the top honors after scoring a mere 25 points. 

2021 Howard County Championships: Results I Meet Recap I Photos I Videos

(The Howard boys huddle before the race with a team chant)

Photo: Zoey Scott

For the county championship, Raudabaugh snagged second place behind Centennial's Antonio Camacho-Bucks. Raudabaugh finished with a time of 15:43.10 and helped lead his team to fourth place with 110 points. 

(Joseph Raudabaugh takes second in the Boys Varsity Race)

Photo: Zoey Scott

2021 MPSSAA 3A East Region Championships: Results I Meet Preview

(Joseph Raudabaugh pictured during the Boys Varsity Race) 

Photo: Zoey Scott

Raudabaugh had an impressive performance at the regional championships. He placed third with a new 3 Mile PR of 15:22.70. He helped get his team a fourth-place victory with 99 points. 

(Raudabaugh smiles after a new PR)

Photo: Zoey Scott