PREVIEW: 2023 Montgomery County Championships


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The battle for the Montgomery County Championship will be a battle between James Hubert Blake, Springbrook, and Walter Johnson. They are only separated by 11 points in the projected team score. James Hubert Blake will be led by Mame Diop who can score points in all 3 jumping events and Brooke Cochran who is one of the top sprinters in the county and should place high in the 55m dash and 300m dash

Springbrook Jumper  Vynou Philogene is an excellent long and triple jumper and should score double-digit points between her two events. Spring brook also is projected to score a lot of athletes in the 5-8th sports and might be able to slowly build points as the meet continues. 

Mackenzie and Megan Raue will try to score as many distance points as they can to help the Wildcats to a county title. They are projected to score 30 combined. 

Other athletes to watch include Gracie Emereick (Damascus) who is one of the best pole vaulters in the state as well as Hallie Muniz (Winston Churchill) who can place high in both the 800 and 1600m runs. Scroll below to see both the projected team scores and the top individuals in each event. 

VOTE: Who will win the Montgomery County Championships 


VOTE: Who will win the Girls Montgomery County Championship?

Projected Team Scores

1James Hubert Blake High School76
2Springbrook High School66.5
3Walter Johnson High School65
4Northwest High School40
5Clarksburg High School33
5Gaithersburg High School33
5Walt Whitman High School33
8Richard Montgomery High School32
9Damascus High School30
10Thomas S. Wootton High School28
11Wheaton High School27
12Northwood High School22

55 Meter Dash

1Iyanni Daley2026Wheaton High School7.17 10
2Nancy Hudson2024Clarksburg High School7.28 8
3Kambi Kambinachi) Chukwu2023Walt Whitman High School7.30 6
4Brooke Cochran2024James Hubert Blake High School7.38 5
5Amaya Cummings2023Northwood High School7.43 4
6Gracie Emerick2023Damascus High School7.45 3
7Jianna Fairfax Wheeler2023Gaithersburg High School7.49 2
8Kambinachi Chukwuma2026Walt Whitman High School7.50 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Brooke Cochran2024James Hubert Blake High School41.68 10
2Anna Creel2024Wheaton High School42.33 8
3Amaya Cummings2023Northwood High School42.55 6
4Aaliyah Jalloh2024Thomas S. Wootton High School42.69 5
5Cate Christopher2023Richard Montgomery High School42.77 4
6Faith Akinlami2024Paint Branch High School42.81 3
7Alicia Hairston2026Northwest High School42.90 2
8Nancy Hudson2024Clarksburg High School42.91 1
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500 Meter Dash

1Cate Christopher2023Richard Montgomery High School1:18.14 10
2Aaliyah Jalloh2024Thomas S. Wootton High School1:18.22 8
3Carolyn Hultman2024Walter Johnson High School1:19.44 6
4Megan Raue2025Walter Johnson High School1:21.07 5
5MacKenzie Raue2024Walter Johnson High School1:22.40 4
6Baylee Seabolt-Wilbanks2023Northwest High School1:22.72 3
7Jaayah Jenkins2025James Hubert Blake High School1:22.92 2
8Nwaamaka Agwu2025Springbrook High School1:23.35 1
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800 Meter Run

1Megan Raue2025Walter Johnson High School2:24.87 10
2Carolyn Hultman2024Walter Johnson High School2:25.36 8
3Hallie Muniz2024Winston Churchill High School2:25.51 6
4Baylee Seabolt-Wilbanks2023Northwest High School2:26.90 5
5Katie Greenwald2025Walt Whitman High School2:27.17 4
6Emma Colavito2025Richard Montgomery High School2:28.93 3
7Emma Bergfalk2025Montgomery Blair High School2:29.19 2
8Emilie Creighton2025James Hubert Blake High School2:29.90 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Victoria Ketzler2024Thomas S. Wootton High School5:11.82 10
2Hallie Muniz2024Winston Churchill High School5:12.04 8
3MacKenzie Raue2024Walter Johnson High School5:13.57 6
4Katie Greenwald2025Walt Whitman High School5:15.50 5
5Megan Raue2025Walter Johnson High School5:15.82 4
6Alexa Avila2023Montgomery Blair High School5:18.01 3
7Anna C. Bodmer2023Poolesville High School5:29.05 2
8Ella Werkman2025Walt Whitman High School5:30.29 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Anna C. Bodmer2023Poolesville High School11:31.38 10
2Maya Ducker2023Northwood High School11:45.53 8
3Ani Bailin2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School11:47.00 6
4Maya Colavito2023Richard Montgomery High School12:08.14 5
5Sophie Harjes2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School12:09.13 4
6Elizabeth Fogg2024Walter Johnson High School12:09.86 3
7Roma M. Diak2025Poolesville High School12:18.43 2
8Emilie Creighton2025James Hubert Blake High School12:19.36 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Elena Juarez2025Gaithersburg High School8.74 10
2Saniyyah Stephens2024Gaithersburg High School9.09 8
3Maiev McClain2023Springbrook High School9.23 6
4Malak Fadlalla2025Springbrook High School9.40 5
5Alanna Hart2024Northwood High School9.43 4
6Nethmini Perera2023Walt Whitman High School9.68 3
7Nancy Hudson2024Clarksburg High School9.74 2
8Gabrielle Orns2024Poolesville High School9.76 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1James Hubert Blake High School1:46.17 10
2Gaithersburg High School1:47.06 8
3Wheaton High School1:47.36 6
4Northwest High School1:48.78 5
5Springbrook High School1:50.58 4
6Walt Whitman High School1:51.16 3
7Paint Branch High School1:51.97 2
8Walter Johnson High School1:52.68 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1James Hubert Blake High School4:06.80 10
2Northwest High School4:14.97 8
3Walter Johnson High School4:16.39 6
4Springbrook High School4:20.58 5
5Thomas S. Wootton High School4:20.59 4
6Gaithersburg High School4:22.21 3
7Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School4:26.73 2
8Wheaton High School4:27.58 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Walter Johnson High School9:43.72 10
2Richard Montgomery High School10:27.36 8
3James Hubert Blake High School10:27.86 6
4Clarksburg High School10:28.09 5
5Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School10:30.90 4
6Montgomery Blair High School10:32.28 3
7Damascus High School10:38.21 2
8Wheaton High School10:38.75 1
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High Jump

1Sierra Swangin2025James Hubert Blake High School5-4 10
2Kyla Wiliams2023Springbrook High School5-2 8
3Fiona Narrod-Malcolm2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School5-0 5.5
3Kyla Williams2023Springbrook High School5-0 5.5
5Ava Wilson2025Walt Whitman High School4-10 2
5Caroline Kaye2025Richard Montgomery High School4-10 2
5Jada Stubbs2025Northwest High School4-10 2
5Mame Diop2023James Hubert Blake High School4-10 2
5Nicole Anyanah2024Gaithersburg High School4-10 2
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Long Jump

1Gabrielle Badoo2026Seneca Valley High School16-10.5 10
2Jada Stubbs2025Northwest High School16-1.25 8
3Vynou Philogene2025Springbrook High School15-10.75 6
4Mireya King2024Montgomery Blair High School15-10.25 5
5Mame Diop2023James Hubert Blake High School15-8.5 4
6Gracie Emerick2023Damascus High School15-7.5 3
7Mwisala Lupunga-Phillips2023Walter Johnson High School15-6 2
8Autumn Ingram2024Thomas S. Wootton High School15-5.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Mame Diop2023James Hubert Blake High School36-11 10
2Vynou Philogene2025Springbrook High School35-10 8
3Chay Julien2025Damascus High School33-4 6
4Sierra Swangin2025James Hubert Blake High School32-3 5
5Vinice Cole2023Clarksburg High School32-0 4
6Jada Stubbs2025Northwest High School31-8 3
7Jessika N. Lorfils2024Northwest High School31-7 2
8Fabiola Lawani2026Seneca Valley High School30-6 1
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Pole Vault

1Gracie Emerick2023Damascus High School12-0 10
2Ava Wilson2025Walt Whitman High School8-6 8
3Ruby Patton2023Damascus High School5-6 6

Shot Put

1Reagan Phillips2023Clarksburg High School36-4 10
2Mawata Keita Queen2023Springbrook High School35-11.5 8
3Synclaire Williams-Ridley2023Springbrook High School33-7 6
4Madison Medley2025Watkins Mill High School33-3 5
5Shakira Moumban2025Springbrook High School31-2 4
6Ezinne Ejimofor2023Clarksburg High School31-1.5 3
7Jazmin Terry2025Northwest High School30-11 2
8Isabella Pavlo2025Wheaton High School29-8 1