Meet Preview: 2023 Eagle Invite

Boys Preview

The Eagle Invite will bring in 29 schools from across the state and DC to compete on Centennial's 3-mile course. On the Boy's side, the race between Centennial and Howard should be a fun one to watch. Howard looked strong in thier season opener last week as they won the top of the Hill Invite and placed 4 runners in the top 8. Centennial did not run thier Varsity last week but will at the Eagle Invite. David Hertzberger will look to lead the Eagles and thier strong core of runners. Liberty also looked strong last week, finishing second at the Top of the Hill Invite, and should be in contention at the Eagle Invite as well!

Individually, Henry Hopper (Wilde Lake) comes in as the top-ranked runner. He looked strong in his first race last week, winning the Seahawk Invite with a 3-mile time of 15:12. Joey Ensor (Howard) ran 15:39, winning the Top of the Hill invite, and will look to challenge Hopper. Kidus Zeleke (Reservoir), Caleb Tenney (Pallotti) Erik Penkala (Southern-AA), and David Herzberger (Centennial) should all be in the top pack as well!

Ranked Teams Competing

#7 Centennial High

#8 Howard High

HM: River Hill

HM: Liberty High

Ranked Individuals Competing

#5 Henry Hopper (Wilde Lake)

HM: Eric Penkala (Southern-AA)

Note: The projections below are based on 2022 5k times due to the fact that many teams have not raced this year yet. We will begin using 2023 data for previews next week

Projected Top 15 Team Scores

1River Hill High School973+15+19+20+40 (51+68)2:10.0317:13.73
2Centennial High School116.58+12.5+24+28+44 (55+69)1:15.9917:33.68
3Howard High School1206+10.5+10.5+46+47 (49+54)1:40.0017:33.20
4Mt. Hebron High School17223+27+29+45+48 (92+96)59.9017:57.15
5Liberty High School17925+26+34+36+58 (63+67)55.9018:00.68
6Broadneck Senior High School182.516.5+22+38+41+65 (66+72)1:35.7817:59.52
7Oakdale High School22012.5+16.5+50+64+77 (95+106.5)1:48.7118:08.68
8Wilde Lake High School2241+33+35+70+85 (98+99)3:20.6217:59.92
9Marriotts Ridge High School25231+39+42+43+97 (102+117)1:38.0018:27.12
10Northwood High School29314+18+30+83+148 (150+153)3:58.4018:32.18
11Middletown High School305.552.5+56+60+62+75 (78+87)28.6818:43.98
12Long Reach High School3577+76+80+81+113 (121+166)3:21.6918:47.96
13Atholton High School359.532+52.5+84+88+103 (110+118)1:51.2218:56.70
14Glenelg High School36621+59+90+91+105 (116+120)2:29.9318:56.15
15South Carroll High School42937+57+71+129+135 (138+140)2:44.9019:25.82

Projected Top 5000 Meter Times

1Henry Hopper2024Wilde Lake High School15:53.30 1
2Kidus Zeleke2024Reservoir High School16:06.08 2
3Quinlan Ballou2025River Hill High School16:06.50 3
4Caleb Tenney2025St. Vincent Pallotti High School16:26.00 4
5Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School16:29.00 5
6Amadeus Davis2024Howard High School16:43.00 6
7Evan Quinn2024Long Reach High School16:46.00 7
8Davis Saynuk2024Howard High School16:53.00 8
9David Herzberger2025Centennial High School17:02.62 9
10Sebastian Hurt2024Hammond High School17:09.00 10
11Joey Ensor2024Howard High School17:10.00 11.5
11Rayyan Dheini2025Howard High School17:10.00 11.5
13David Tressler2025Oakdale High School17:11.00 13.5
13Owen Graff2024Centennial High School17:11.00 13.5
15Jonathan Kenney2024Northwood High School17:11.60 15
16Daniel Wang2024River Hill High School17:12.70 16
17Fox Larson2024Broadneck Senior High School17:15.00 17.5
17Sam Skinner2024Oakdale High School17:15.00 17.5
19Henry Nichols2026Northwood High School17:15.20 19
20Jonathan Bloom2025River Hill High School17:16.00 20
21Varun Dhond2024River Hill High School17:16.90 21
22Bennett Walsh2025Glenelg High School17:22.31 22
23Griffin Trout2024Broadneck Senior High School17:23.00 23
24Pierson Hogue2024Mt. Hebron High School17:25.10 24
25Daotian Ma2024Centennial High School17:25.26 25
26Benjamin Smith2024Liberty High School17:41.30 26
27Noah Petroski2024Liberty High School17:41.90 27
28Dominick Mendez-Saxer2024Mt. Hebron High School17:43.69 28
29Harper Koenig2026Centennial High School17:50.93 29
30Michael Heinemann2025Mt. Hebron High School17:53.00 30
31Carter Hyde2024Northwood High School17:53.70 31
32Geoffery Willis2024Marriotts Ridge High School17:55.00 32
33Bryan Wang2025Atholton High School17:56.78 33
34Noah Vernon2024Wilde Lake High School17:57.48 34
35Stanley Mesceda2025Liberty High School17:58.67 35
36Colin Myers2025Wilde Lake High School18:01.53 36
37Gregory Schellberg2025Liberty High School18:04.35 37
38Jacob Gooding2024South Carroll High School18:07.60 38
39Andrew Willhite2025Broadneck Senior High School18:12.00 39
40Preston Hong2024Marriotts Ridge High School18:13.00 40
41Jazil Khalid2025River Hill High School18:16.53 41
42Ben Sterner2024Broadneck Senior High School18:16.82 42
43Evan Tian2024Marriotts Ridge High School18:16.97 43
44Sherwin Yarema2024Marriotts Ridge High School18:17.64 44
45Peter Bank2025Centennial High School18:18.61 45
46Keegan McKay2026Mt. Hebron High School18:18.97 46
47Maxwell Vomsaal2024Howard High School18:20.00 47
48Jayden Shin2025Howard High School18:23.00 48
49Tim Grafov2025Mt. Hebron High School18:25.00 49
50John Wagenblast2024Howard High School18:26.00 50
51Benjamin Llerena2024Oakdale High School18:27.37 51
52Thomas Jayne2024River Hill High School18:27.65 52
53Michael Renon2024Atholton High School18:29.30 53.5
53Thomas Stokes2023Middletown High School18:29.30 53.5
55Matt Banyas2025Howard High School18:31.00 --
56Arnav Gowda2024Centennial High School18:33.94 55
57Quinn Sullivan2024Middletown High School18:35.82 56
58Benson Sommerfeldt2025South Carroll High School18:36.70 57
59Lucas Walthour2024Liberty High School18:37.20 58
60Finn Reynolds2024Glenelg High School18:43.79 59
61Giovanni Rossi2024Middletown High School18:46.73 60
62Aariz Sangi2025Howard High School18:50.00 --
62Charles Lunde2025Edmund Burke School18:50.00 61
64Daniel Michaels2025Middletown High School18:50.05 62
65Jesse Gresh2025Liberty High School18:50.29 63
66Kennan Vance2025Oakdale High School18:50.30 64
67Jack Loomis2026Broadneck Senior High School18:50.78 65
68Brayden Drake2024Howard High School18:50.89 --
69Nolan Gille2025Broadneck Senior High School18:51.00 66
70Scott Feaga2024Liberty High School18:52.10 67
71Fritz Orlofsky2025River Hill High School18:52.20 68
72Jack Arrington2026Centennial High School18:52.71 69
73Josh Harrington2025Howard High School18:53.04 --
74Joshua Wright2025Wilde Lake High School18:53.38 70
75Kyle DelRegno2025South Carroll High School18:53.40 71
76Jason Oberly2026Centennial High School18:54.21 --
77Erik Wu2024Broadneck Senior High School18:55.20 72
78Folu Longe2024Oakland Mills High School18:55.65 73
79Joshua McDerment2024Reservoir High School18:55.81 74
80Eveyn Konyar2025Liberty High School18:56.70 --
81Ryan Carpenter2026Middletown High School18:57.98 75
82Windsor Gwo2025Broadneck Senior High School18:58.00 --
83Connor Schaaf2025Long Reach High School18:58.46 76
84Malakai Meertens2024Oakdale High School18:59.71 77
85Asher White2025Middletown High School18:59.81 78
86Gavin Tompkins2025Southern (AA) High School19:01.39 79
87Isaiah Thomas2025Long Reach High School19:02.53 80
88Tate Hancock2025Centennial High School19:02.58 --
89Javier Hernandez2026Long Reach High School19:05.11 81
90Xavier Jackson2024Phelps Career High School19:05.40 82
91Dennis Boyce2026Northwood High School19:10.40 83
92Nikhil Ramani2026Atholton High School19:13.42 84
93Ben Walter2025Wilde Lake High School19:13.92 85
94Aidan Delaney2024DC International School19:14.59 86
95Andrew Tharakan2025River Hill High School19:14.90 --
96James Garruto2025Middletown High School19:15.45 87
97Alexander Lake2024Atholton High School19:16.01 88
98Matteo Washington2025River Hill High School19:17.85 --
99Cameron Cole2024Hammond High School19:18.20 89
100Dylan Greene2026Howard High School19:19.00 --
101Liam Rutledge2024Glenelg High School19:19.57 90
102Lorenzo Richards2025Middletown High School19:22.83 --
103Jonathan Okorie2024Glenelg High School19:22.86 91
104Devon Parikh2026River Hill High School19:24.55 --
105Ben Yang2025Centennial High School19:25.00 --
105Quinlan O'Neill2025Mt. Hebron High School19:25.00 92
107Ryan Tehrani2025Howard High School19:26.14 --
108Neal Sanchez2026Liberty High School19:26.20 --
109Shaun Malgieri2024Centennial High School19:26.43 --
110Garrett Burns2026Howard High School19:27.02 --
111Johnny Daniel2026Howard High School19:28.97 --
112Marcelles Crockett2025Phelps Career High School19:29.30 93
113Garrison Underwood2024Chapelgate Christian Academy19:30.00 94
114Ian Doll2026Centennial High School19:30.17 --
115Aaron Moore2024Oakdale High School19:30.60 95
116Jake Hayden2024Mt. Hebron High School19:32.00 96
117Aiden Blakaitis2026Broadneck Senior High School19:33.00 --
117Jamie Kraft2025Marriotts Ridge High School19:33.00 97
119Mason Brown2025Wilde Lake High School19:33.01 98
120Ben Fry2025Wilde Lake High School19:35.97 99
121Marcus Bryant2025C.H. Flowers High School19:39.90 100
122Preetham Muktha2025Mt. Hebron High School19:41.00 --
123Cooper Trump2026Liberty High School19:44.45 --
124Cameron Evans2024Broadneck Senior High School19:45.00 --
124Jack Jezior2026Edmund Burke School19:45.00 101
126Duncan Gordan2026Broadneck Senior High School19:46.00 --
127Alex Mattes2024Marriotts Ridge High School19:47.00 102
128Billy Vineyard2024Broadneck Senior High School19:47.80 --
129Siddharth Sivakumar2025Atholton High School19:48.00 103
130Ethan Smith2025Hammond High School19:49.40 104
131Chad Chevalier2024Howard High School19:50.79 --
132Morgan Sebastian2025Glenelg High School19:52.24 105
133Alex Lawler2024Chapelgate Christian Academy19:56.00 106.5
133Aryaman Kantawala2024Oakdale High School19:56.00 106.5
133Carter Johnson2026Broadneck Senior High School19:56.00 --
136Tomoki Weddington2026Oakland Mills High School19:56.13 108
137Tin Huyhn2024Liberty High School19:56.70 --
138Andrew Smith2024Oakdale High School19:57.40 --
139Gavin Lees2025Glenelg Country School19:59.00 109
140Josh Bhatt2026Atholton High School19:59.70 110