Enough is Enough!!!

Are you tired of waiting for your performance to be included in the rankings?

Do you wonder why sometimes it takes so long?

Well, there are several reasons:

  1. Results - Many times I have to hunt all over the internet to find results.  Some good people send me results directly.  That really speeds up the process.  Unfortunately, they are few and far between.  I'm not sure why, but, for some reason, people (coaches, parents, athletes, meet directors, timers) rarely send us results directly.
  2. Format - Sometimes, even when people are nice enough to send in results, they're not the best format.  

    A)  They don't look good on the meet page (crooked columns for example) or
    B)  They have to be reformatted so that the database can read them.


Short explanation of how to submit results here and here.

In this day and age, with all the technology available out there, like this and this, there really is no excuse for results to be done by hand or delayed or whatever!

In fact, there is no need to print out results and post them on a wall somewhere with a bunch of people crowded around trying to see the results, because the results should be LIVE like these: https://live.milesplit.com

So, if you are an athlete, coach, parent or whoever, and you are tired of waiting for good clean results in a timely easy to read format, then start some complaining.  It's not a money issue.  It's not a technology issues.  Its a matter of applying pressure where needed.

Athletes and Parents, bug your coaches.  Bug the meet timers.  Bug the meet directors.  Ask them why results are not sent to in to this site or why they can't get them to you (the parent or athlete) immediately following the competition.  Then you could send them to me.

Better yet, ask them why the results aren't LIVE!  

Coaches, meet directors and timers, feel free to use all the resources we have to offer in order to make your lives and jobs that much easier.

And to everybody, please, feel free to upload your own photos (here's how), your own videos (instructions) and, of course email me: slee@milesplit.us with any results, questions or whatever.

This site may be the most democratic and user friendly site around, so take advantage of it.

And lastly, tell the powers that be...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  WHERE ARE THE RESULTS! With a smile of course:)