DCIAA Middle & High School Indoor Track and Field Championships 2018

Landover, MD

Meet Information

DCIAA Middle & High School City Championships

PG Sports Complex

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

**D.C. Public Schools ONLY


Meet start time is 1:00pm


**All events start at 1:00pm and it's a rolling schedule after

*All running events will be Middle School First, High School will follow)


Running Events

4 x 800m Relay (High School ONLY)

55 m Hurdles (Prelims for High School, Finals for Middle School) Boys then Girls

55 m Dash (Prelims for High School, Finals for Middle School) Boys then Girls

1600m Run

55 m Hurdles (High School ONLY Finals) Girls then Boys

55 m Dash (High School ONLY Finals) Girls then Boys

4 x 200m Relay

500m Dash

800 m Run

300m Dash

3200m Run (High School ONLY)

4x400m Relay


All Field events will receive 3 attempts and it will be finals by mark.

High Jump (Girls MS then Boys MS) (Girls HS then Boys HS)

Shot Put (Boys MS then Girls MS) (Boys HS then Girls HS)

Long Jump (Girls HS then Boys HS) (Girls MS, then Boys MS)

Triple Jump (Boys MS then Girls MS) (Boys HS then Girls HS)



Number of Entries

Please Note, as this is a championship meet there will be a maximum of three (3) entries per event/school and a maximum of one (1) relay/gender entries per meet


o  Please Read meet registration online for meet info

o  Each coach will have the events and event numbers for each meet.  It is your responsibility to check your entries to insure that the correct event numbers are entered for each athlete. 

o  You will enter your roster for each meet on line.  It is your responsibility to enter only those athletes who have been "APPROVED".  If, the closing date has passed, and an athlete has been entered who is not  "APPROVED," the entry will be deleted and the slot as well as the athlete will be lost for the meet.  NO ADDITIONS TO THE "APPROVED" LIST WILL BE CORRECTED AFTER THE CLOSING DATE UNLESS THERE ARE SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.



Registration Closes on Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 8:00pm