Week in Review: 10/4 - 10/9

Last weekend had our calendar stacked! We had eight meets overall for Saturday, Oct. 9: 

We decided to compose a recap of all of these meets into one document, so you can learn all about some new course records, personal bests, and team dominations!

Maryland XC Invitational:

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Boys 5000m Black & Gold Race: 

Dulaney junior Tyler Dailey led the race with Howard senior Joseph Raudabaugh right on his tail. However, Raudabaugh began to quickly catch up, eventually leading to a neck-in-neck battle all the way down to the finish line. The two fought for the first-place finish, trying to outpace the other. Raudabaugh and Dailey crossed the finish line, and for onlookers, it was hard to decipher who was the winner. Both athletes finished with a time of 15:30, which was a new course record for the meet. Raudabaugh ended up being declared the winner. For Raudabaugh, this race was a personal record for him, which moved his ranking up to No. 2 in MD currently. 

Top 5 boys:  Joseph Raudabaugh from Howard (1st, 15:30); Tyler Dailey from Dulaney (2nd, 15:30); Edward Lyness from Montgomery Blair (3rd, 16:00); Colin Verrett from Loyola Blakefield (4th, 16:02); Carter Bruns from Loyola Blakefield (5th, 16:03). 

For the team scores, Verrett and Bruns led their team to victory as Loyola Blakefield scored 61 points. The team was followed by Winston Churchill (73 points) and Howard (107 points). 

(Interview with race winner, Joseph Raudabaugh)

Girls 5000m Black & Gold Race: 

For the Girls Black & Gold race, junior Leah Stephens from Our Lady of Good Counsel grabbed the first-place title. She was followed by the second-place finisher, Broadneck senior Mollie Fenn with a time of 18:30. The third-place finisher was Elizabeth Seton sophomore Evelyn Rogers with a time of 18:36. The fourth was Montgomery Blair's Alexa Avila (18:37), followed by Dulaney's Anna Albergo (18:56). 

For the team scores portion, Fenn helped pave the way for her team's win with Broadneck scoring only 44 points. They were followed by Winston Churchill (77 points). Dulaney (77 points), led by Albergo, was deemed the third-place team. 

Boys 5000m Junior Varsity Race:

The Boys JV race was led by South River junior Tyler Bickel. However, Winston Churchill junior Daniel Chin closely followed behind, waiting to make his move. It was at the last stretch where Bickel and Chin sprinted to the finish, battling for the first-place title. Ultimately, Chin out-kicked Bickel, winning the race with a time of 17:31. Bickel was right behind with a time of 17:35. The next three athletes finished with very close times between each other. Howard senior Luke Wilson snagged third place with a time of 17:42. Then, another Winston Churchill athlete finished within the top five as junior Ethan Yen got fourth with a time of 17:43. Howard junior Kyle Reardon was right on Yen's tail, finishing fifth with the same time of 17:43. 

For the team scores, it was clear that it would be between the Winston Churchill boys and the Howard boys. Winston Churchill received the top honors with 27 points, as led by Chin and Yen. Howard followed with 44 points, as led by Wilson and Reardon. South River, led by Bickel, finished third with 113 points.

(Interview with race winner, Daniel Chin)

Girls 5000m Junior Varsity Race: 

For the Girls JV race, Bishop McNamara sophomore Antoinette Davis finished first with a time of 21:48. The next three spots were filled by Dulaney girls with junior Laura Pohl leading the pack with a time of 21:54. Two seconds behind was freshman Neha Manickam with 21:56. The last Dulaney girl to make the top five was freshman Charlotte Pohl with a time of 22:00. The fifth-place finisher was Broadneck junior Ally McDonald

Thomas S. Wootton ended up taking home the top honors with 47 points. The second team was Dulaney (48 points), as led by Laura Pohl, Neha Manickam, and Charlotte Pohl. The third team was Winston Churchill (58 points). 

(Interview with race winner, Antoinette Davis

Boys 5000m Red & White Race: 

For the Boys Red & White race, C. Milton Wright junior Ashton Tolson was victorious, finishing first with a personal best of 15:41. He had a 14-second lead in front of the second-place finisher, Gilman junior Pieter Heesters with a time of 15:55. A few seconds behind Heesters was Sidwell Friends senior Micah Lachman with a time of 16:04. Fourth was Nathaniel Riker (16:38) from Thomas S Wootton and fifth was Damon Martin (16:39) from Old Mill Senior. 

Heesters led his team to the first-place team title with Gilman scoring 69 points. Sidwell Friends (90 points) placed second, as led by Lachman. Thomas S Wootton (101 points) placed third, as led by Riker. 

(Interview with race winner, Ashton Tolson)

Girls 5000m Red & White Race: 

For the Girls Red & White race, Stone Ridge Sacred Heart senior Katherine Strong dominated the field. She finished in a time of 18:44, which gave her a lead of a whopping 48 seconds. The second-place finisher was Victoria Ketzler from Thomas S Wootton with a time of 19:32. The next finisher was Noelle L. Hailu from Northwest with a time of 19:42. The fourth was another Thomas S Wootton athlete, Maya Gottesman (19:48), and the fifth finisher was Bryn Mawr's Fiona Santos (19:58). 

The C. Milton Wright girls ended up taking home the top honors with 81 points. Second was Thomas S Wootton (103 points), led by Ketzler and Gottesman. Third was Tuscarora (107 points). 

(Interview with race winner, Katherine Strong