REGIONALS MERGE: 3A Classification (With Team Scores)

We merged all 4 regional divisions (East, South, West, and North) for the 3A Classification. This list includes all athletes that ran in the regional lists and the time or mark that they hit at the meet (Not necessarily the best time they have run this season). It should provide a good preview of what might shake out next week at the State Championship. 


Projected Team Scores

1Gov. Thomas Johnson High School76.33
2Frederick High School46.83
3Digital Harbor High School46
3Howard High School46
5Manchester Valley High School38.75
6Centennial High School33.5
7Northern-Calvert High School31
8Oakdale High School25.75
9Huntingtown High School25.67
10Springbrook High School24.67
11Reservoir High School23
12Great Mills High School22.67
13Chopticon High School21
13Col. Zadok Magruder High School21
15Long Reach High School20
16Bel Air High School19.67
17Linganore High School19.33
18Milford Mill19
19Westminster High School16.5
20Chesapeake High School-AA16
20Watkins Mill High School16
20Wilde Lake High School16
23North Hagerstown High School14.5
24South Hagerstown High School12.25
25Mt. Hebron High School11
26C. Milton Wright High School10
27Damascus High School7.67
28Towson High School7
29Crofton High School5.5
30Franklin High School3
31Marriotts Ridge High School2
32Kenwood High School1.67
33Atholton High School1
33Baltimore City College1
35River Hill High School0.75

100 Meter Dash

1KaVon Turner2023Great Mills High School10.85 10
2Tarique Wright2024Springbrook High School10.86 8
3Marlin Newsome2024Centennial High School10.98 5.5
3Nashon McKinney-Spear2023Frederick High School10.98 5.5
5Edwin Ekeinde2023Reservoir High School11.02 4
6Jahdane Thaxter2025Great Mills High School11.04 3
7Andie Kollie2023Col. Zadok Magruder High School11.06 2
8Kalani Pu'uloa2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School11.09 1
9Daysen Shell2023Milford Mill11.10 0
10Christian Coleman Hallums2024Mt. Hebron High School11.11 --
11Andrew Dolihite2023Huntingtown High School11.12 --
12Xavier Maple2023Reservoir High School11.17 --
13Ryan Moriarity2023Col. Zadok Magruder High School11.23 --
14Delbert Cowesette2025Atholton High School11.25 --
14Jawon Blue2024Digital Harbor High School11.25 --
14Oluwayomi Adamo2023Damascus High School11.25 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Kalani Pu'uloa2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School21.69 10
2Tarique Wright2024Springbrook High School21.87 8
3Andie Kollie2023Col. Zadok Magruder High School22.04 6
4Daysen Shell2023Milford Mill22.10 5
5KaVon Turner2023Great Mills High School22.19 4
6Oluwayomi Adamo2023Damascus High School22.25 3
7Samuel Koiwood2025Watkins Mill High School22.32 2
8Jeffrey Ayeh Datey2023Damascus High School22.36 1
9Logan Haines2023Manchester Valley High School22.43 --
10Aaron Abedin2023Mt. Hebron High School22.44 --
11Cameron Ellis2023Tuscarora High School (MD)22.49 --
12Destin Hill2024Reservoir High School22.52 --
13Marlin Newsome2024Centennial High School22.54 --
14Xavier Maple2023Reservoir High School22.56 --
15Caleb Adams2024Chesapeake High School-AA22.58 --
16Mason Shanahan2023Chesapeake High School-AA22.64 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Carter Knox2023Manchester Valley High School48.75 10
2Jack Hynes2023Bel Air High School48.99 8
3Aaron Abedin2023Mt. Hebron High School49.15 6
4Alpha Balde2023Digital Harbor High School49.69 5
5LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School49.76 4
6Jordan Tuck2024Northern-Calvert High School49.80 3
7Quinn Favorite2024Manchester Valley High School49.87 2
8Tarique Wright2024Springbrook High School50.16 1
9Daniel Wilson2023Aberdeen High School50.20 --
10Michael Pearson2023Centennial High School50.24 --
11Daniel Adams2024Chesapeake High School-AA50.43 --
12Christian Raysor2025Baltimore Poly High School50.47 --
13Neiko Ross2023Franklin High School50.49 --
14Anthony Clark2024Digital Harbor High School50.51 --
15James Orders2023Long Reach High School50.60 --
16Emmanuel Dean2024Wilde Lake High School50.62 --
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800 Meter Run

1Carter Knox2023Manchester Valley High School1:53.38 10
2Antonio Camacho-Bucks2023Centennial High School1:53.95 8
3Colin A. Abrams2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School1:55.11 6
4Sofiane Compaorg2023Springbrook High School1:55.45 5
5Jonathan Regules2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:55.51 4
6Kyle Walker2023Linganore High School1:56.32 3
7Joey Ensor2024Howard High School1:56.42 2
8Christian Childs2024Manchester Valley High School1:56.72 1
9James Partlow2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:56.79 --
10Ryan Wahler2023Towson High School1:56.81 --
11Joshua E. Lopez2023Col. Zadok Magruder High School1:56.84 --
12Sam Skinner2024Oakdale High School1:56.96 --
13Justin Banks2024Tuscarora High School (MD)1:57.56 --
14Kavin Manivannan2023Mt. Hebron High School1:57.92 --
15Jack Hynes2023Bel Air High School1:59.35 --
16Daniel Wilson2023Aberdeen High School1:59.44 --
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1600 Meter Run

1Antonio Camacho-Bucks2023Centennial High School4:19.48 10
2Christian Brower2023Long Reach High School4:20.39 8
3Joey Ensor2024Howard High School4:20.51 6
4Kyle Jones2023Howard High School4:21.16 5
5Jonathan Regules2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School4:21.72 4
6James Partlow2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School4:21.93 3
7Colin A. Abrams2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School4:23.00 2
8Sofiane Compaorg2023Springbrook High School4:23.74 1
9Joshua E. Lopez2023Col. Zadok Magruder High School4:24.55 --
10Buruk Ayalew2023Springbrook High School4:24.76 --
11Weston Carr2024Chopticon High School4:26.47 --
12Ryan Wahler2023Towson High School4:26.63 --
13Henry Hopper2024Wilde Lake High School4:26.68 --
13Justin Banks2024Tuscarora High School (MD)4:26.68 --
15Bryce Dufrene2023Chopticon High School4:27.08 --
16Ryan Obyrne2023Howard High School4:27.15 --
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3200 Meter Run

1Antonio Camacho-Bucks2023Centennial High School9:36.62 10
2James Partlow2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School9:36.91 8
3Kyle Jones2023Howard High School9:37.46 6
4Colin A. Abrams2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School9:37.76 5
5Christian Brower2023Long Reach High School9:37.82 4
6Henry Hopper2024Wilde Lake High School9:39.39 3
7Kieran Mischke2024Towson High School9:46.91 2
8Bryce Dufrene2023Chopticon High School9:51.11 1
9Sofiane Compaorg2023Springbrook High School9:54.79 --
10Cleveland J. Wall2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School9:55.00 --
11London Layton2024Crofton High School9:57.18 --
12Max Abubucker2023Towson High School9:58.69 --
13Nick Watson2024Chopticon High School9:59.98 --
14Ethan Justice2024Stephen Decatur High School10:00.00 --
15Joshua E. Lopez2023Col. Zadok Magruder High School10:00.75 --
16Evan Cline2025Towson High School10:02.66 --
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Christian Do2023Howard High School14.47 10
2Domenion Jacobs2023Huntingtown High School14.48 8
3Kamar Sutherland2025Watkins Mill High School14.68 6
4Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School14.82 5
5Tele Abe2023Wilde Lake High School15.12 4
6Ragiariki Lewis2023Northern-Calvert High School15.13 3
7Louis Trey) Montgomery2024Marriotts Ridge High School15.15 2
8Garrett Boag2023Westminster High School15.29 1
9Joseph Poleate2023Frederick High School15.36 --
10Jevonte Williams2026Digital Harbor High School15.38 --
11DeAndre Thomas2026Digital Harbor High School15.40 --
12Dominic Griffin Jr2024Digital Harbor High School15.42 --
13Andrew Moxley2024Linganore High School15.52 --
14Damon Williams2024Baltimore Poly High School15.53 --
15Newton Essiem2024Frederick High School15.56 --
16Kai Chwang2024Manchester Valley High School15.69 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Ragiariki Lewis2023Northern-Calvert High School38.84 10
2Kamar Sutherland2025Watkins Mill High School39.09 8
3Christian Do2023Howard High School39.35 6
4Domenion Jacobs2023Huntingtown High School39.46 5
5DeAndre Thomas2026Digital Harbor High School39.56 4
6Ryder Johnston2024North Hagerstown High School39.80 3
7Edwin Alfaro2023Westminster High School39.88 2
8Joseph Poleate2023Frederick High School40.09 1
9Kai Chwang2024Manchester Valley High School40.11 --
10Jevonte Williams2026Digital Harbor High School40.53 --
11Josiah Teasley2025Frederick High School40.65 --
12Gregory Whitfield2025Wilde Lake High School41.02 --
13Leo Dinan2024Bel Air High School41.13 --
14Emmanuel Mensah2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School41.22 --
15Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School41.23 --
16Andrew Moxley2024Linganore High School41.52 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Frederick High School42.27 9
1Reservoir High School42.27 9
3Milford Mill42.46 6
4Digital Harbor High School42.56 5
5Great Mills High School42.90 4
6Chesapeake High School-AA42.91 3
7Huntingtown High School43.07 2
8Baltimore City College43.29 1
9Wilde Lake High School43.37 0
10Howard High School43.52 --
11Long Reach High School43.57 --
12Edgewood High School43.64 --
13Franklin High School43.66 --
14Crofton High School43.77 --
15Centennial High School43.88 --
16River Hill High School43.95 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Frederick High School1:28.79 10
2Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:29.36 8
3Long Reach High School1:29.62 6
4Digital Harbor High School1:29.97 5
5Northern-Calvert High School1:30.54 4
6Franklin High School1:30.59 3
7North Hagerstown High School1:30.63 2
8Manchester Valley High School1:30.95 1
9Milford Mill1:30.96 --
10Centennial High School1:31.12 --
10Mt. Hebron High School1:31.12 --
12Tuscarora High School (MD)1:31.51 --
13Howard High School1:31.66 --
14Damascus High School1:31.99 --
14Linganore High School1:31.99 --
16Baltimore City College1:32.00 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Chesapeake High School-AA3:19.02 10
2Northern-Calvert High School3:20.52 8
3Manchester Valley High School3:22.57 6
4Milford Mill3:22.68 5
5Digital Harbor High School3:24.31 4
6Oakdale High School3:24.77 3
7Long Reach High School3:25.08 2
8Bel Air High School3:25.39 1
9Huntingtown High School3:25.99 --
10Franklin High School3:26.14 --
11Crofton High School3:26.32 --
12Linganore High School3:26.34 --
13Mt. Hebron High School3:27.72 --
14Centennial High School3:27.92 --
15Howard High School3:28.46 --
16Aberdeen High School3:28.75 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Chopticon High School8:02.19 10
2Manchester Valley High School8:04.97 8
3Bel Air High School8:06.34 6
4Towson High School8:09.95 5
5Oakdale High School8:11.03 4
6Howard High School8:11.71 3
7Northern-Calvert High School8:13.63 2
8Wilde Lake High School8:14.15 1
9Col. Zadok Magruder High School8:14.97 --
10Tuscarora High School (MD)8:15.53 --
11Springbrook High School8:15.83 --
12Long Reach High School8:16.12 --
13Mt. Hebron High School8:16.41 --
14Linganore High School8:16.43 --
15Centennial High School8:16.50 --
16Northeast Senior High School8:17.59 --
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High Jump

1Tim Kolawole2024C. Milton Wright High School6-3 10
2Davian Pryor2024Frederick High School6-1 6.333
2Kelsey Bannon2023Linganore High School6-1 6.333
2Ryan Kengni2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School6-1 6.333
5Casey Walker2023Kenwood High School5-11 1.667
5Malcolm Williams Jr2023Damascus High School5-11 1.667
5Mobolaji Popoola2025Great Mills High School5-11 1.667
5Richard Dennis2023Bel Air High School5-11 1.667
5Uriah Augare-Deal2025Springbrook High School5-11 1.667
5Xavier Dailey2024Huntingtown High School5-11 1.667
11Artarus Brown2023Aberdeen High School5-9 --
11Cameron Jefferson2024Milford Mill5-9 --
11Connor Yacomeni2024Northern-Calvert High School5-9 --
11Darrell Pierson2025Milford Mill5-9 --
11Dillen Owusu2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School5-9 --
11Garrett Boag2023Westminster High School5-9 --
11Gavin Legge2024Frederick High School5-9 --
11Hassan Jallow2023Tuscarora High School (MD)5-9 --
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Long Jump

1Nashon McKinney-Spear2023Frederick High School21-6 10
2Andrew Dolihite2023Huntingtown High School21-5.5 8
3Jordan Pernell2024Chopticon High School21-5 6
4Ryder Johnston2024North Hagerstown High School21-3.25 5
5Destin Hill2024Reservoir High School21-2.5 4
6Cody Bazemore2024Bel Air High School21-1.5 3
7Pedro Egudu2023Howard High School20-11.25 2
8Delbert Cowesette2025Atholton High School20-10.25 1
9Graeden Kish2023Tuscarora High School (MD)20-9.5 --
10Jake Scallion2023North Hagerstown High School20-6.75 --
11Nathan Gordon2023Baltimore Poly High School20-6 --
11Phillip Donnelly2024Crofton High School20-6 --
13Tanner Williams2024Howard High School20-5.5 --
14Patrick Haynes2023Westminster High School20-5.25 --
15Jevon Johnson2023Oxon Hill High School20-5 --
16Adam Thompson2026Mt. Hebron High School20-4.5 --
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Triple Jump

1Jaylin Blackwell2023Digital Harbor High School45-3.5 10
2Desmod Adeyemi2023Wilde Lake High School44-11 8
3Pedro Egudu2023Howard High School44-5.25 6
4Thomas Sligh2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School43-4 5
5David Obadofin2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School42-7 4
6Darrell Pierson2025Milford Mill42-5.5 3
7Callum Boye2024Frederick High School42-1.5 2
8Nathan Chaney2024Northern-Calvert High School41-10.75 1
9Wisdom Moses2024South Hagerstown High School41-9 --
10Derrick(Dj) Mccorkle2025Northern-Calvert High School41-8.5 --
11Emeka Li2024Crofton High School41-8.25 --
12Alexander Vrbensky2023Crofton High School41-6 --
13Maurice Frazier2024Centennial High School41-5 --
14Cody Bazemore2024Bel Air High School41-2.5 --
15Alexander Addeh2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School41-2 --
15Andrew Daley2024Digital Harbor High School41-2 --
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Pole Vault

1Cameron Rucker2023Westminster High School12-9 9
1Gilberto Ramos2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School12-9 9
3Dillen Owusu2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School12-3 4.5
3Lukas Michael2024Westminster High School12-3 4.5
3Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School12-3 4.5
3Mio Desclous2025North Hagerstown High School12-3 4.5
7Christopher D'Antonio2023River Hill High School11-3 0.75
7Shaunn Pavelik2023Manchester Valley High School11-3 0.75
7Shiv Anderson2023Oakdale High School11-3 0.75
7Tyler Sokol2023South Hagerstown High School11-3 0.75
11Ben Gonder2023Westminster High School10-9 --
11Chase Severtson2024Crofton High School10-9 --
11Gavin Denning2023Crofton High School10-9 --
14Dante Sias2025Marriotts Ridge High School10-3 --
14Ethan Burgoon2026Centennial High School10-3 --
16Gavin Reardon2026Howard High School9-9 --
16Emory Best2025Linganore High School9-9 --
16Riley Harich2025Oakdale High School9-9 --
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Shot Put

1Grant Lohr2025Oakdale High School54-10.5 10
2Ethan VanMeter2023South Hagerstown High School50-6.5 8
3Abraham Sani2023Crofton High School48-9.5 5.5
3Tristin Gray2025Digital Harbor High School48-9.5 5.5
5Anthony Inscoe2023Chopticon High School48-4.25 4
6Taejon Anderson2024Frederick High School47-1.5 3
7Wyatt Ferguson2024Chesapeake High School-AA46-7 2
8Evan Powell2025Huntingtown High School46-4.25 1
9Christopher Vonziah2023Bel Air High School45-10 0
10Bradley Jenkins2023Northern-Calvert High School45-8.25 --
11Logan Rich2023Linganore High School45-5.75 --
12Jason Snyder2023Northern-Calvert High School45-2.75 --
13Malachi Barnes2024Milford Mill44-3.5 --
14Alexander Visconti2023Bel Air High School44-0 --
15Tomi Folorunso2023Howard High School43-11.5 --
16D.U. Mbeli2023North Hagerstown High School43-8.5 --
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1Logan Rich2023Linganore High School153-3 10
2Grant Lohr2025Oakdale High School151-7 8
3Ryan Betts2023Reservoir High School142-2 6
4Logan Ruehl2024Mt. Hebron High School137-10 5
5Davon Hughes2023Digital Harbor High School137-1 3.5
5Ethan VanMeter2023South Hagerstown High School137-1 3.5
7Cole Bosnic2023Damascus High School136-0 2
8Wyatt Ferguson2024Chesapeake High School-AA135-8 1
9Bradley Jenkins2023Northern-Calvert High School135-0 0
10Juan Macatangay2024Atholton High School134-9 --
11Lorenzo Guttadauro2023Huntingtown High School133-6 --
12Spencer Dewease2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School132-9 --
13Scott Paterson2023Centennial High School131-6 --
14Kyjhan Griffin2023Aberdeen High School131-0 --
15Ty Schwartz2024Chesapeake High School-AA130-6 --
16John Paul Pfaff2023Rockville High School130-3 --