Way Too Early Preview: 2025 4A Outdoor State Championships


With Thomas Johnson graduating a lot of talent, Mervo looks like the team to beat! Check out the top times and returners below!

Team Scores

1Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School61.25
2Old Mill High School37.5
3Gov. Thomas Johnson High School30
3Winston Churchill High School30
5Crofton High School28
6Eleanor Roosevelt High School27
6Seneca Valley High School27
8Bowie High School24
8Montgomery Blair High School24
10Leonardtown High School23
11Northwest High School22.5
12Walt Whitman High School21
13Paint Branch High School20
14Northwood High School17
14Springbrook High School17
16Quince Orchard High School16
17North Point High School15.75
18C.H. Flowers High School13.25
19Bladensburg High School13
20Parkville High School12

100 Meter Dash

1Quentin Braithwaite2025Montgomery Blair High School10.60 10
2Paul Ajayi2025Bladensburg High School10.62 8
3Deven Bailey2026Wheaton High School10.72 6
4Damilola Oyeniran2025Seneca Valley High School10.77 5
5James Harrison2025C.H. Flowers High School10.80 4
6Aiden Smith2026C.H. Flowers High School10.93 3
7Christian Muschette2025North Point High School10.94 1.5
7Jalen Stubbs2027Northwest High School10.94 1.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Damilola Oyeniran2025Seneca Valley High School21.51 10
2Quentin Braithwaite2025Montgomery Blair High School21.59 8
3James Harrison2025C.H. Flowers High School21.91 6
4Joshua Ross2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School21.93 5
5Paul Ajayi2025Bladensburg High School21.98 4
6Jaidyn Adams2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School22.14 3
7Onyx Cece2025Bowie High School22.15 2
8Emanual Osceafana2025Bladensburg High School22.16 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Jaidyn Adams2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School48.77 10
2Jacob Martin2025Paint Branch High School48.92 8
3Damilola Oyeniran2025Seneca Valley High School48.97 6
4Isaiah Waring2025North Point High School49.91 5
5Etornam Agbonyitor2026Springbrook High School49.93 4
6Cameron Vincent2025DuVal High School50.09 3
7Darly Philogene2027Springbrook High School50.13 2
8Amir Duff2027North Point High School50.24 1
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800 Meter Run

1Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School1:52.45 10
2Jacob Martin2025Paint Branch High School1:54.24 8
3Jonathan Regules2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:54.40 6
4Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School1:55.69 5
5Vaughn Ditching2026Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:56.40 4
6Korey Kauflin2026Urbana High School1:56.77 3
7Darly Philogene2027Springbrook High School1:56.99 2
8Colin Prato2025Old Mill High School1:57.20 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School4:09.53 10
2Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School4:15.19 8
3Jonathan Regules2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School4:18.67 6
4Korey Kauflin2026Urbana High School4:19.79 5
5Naasir Bakari2025Northwest High School4:19.83 4
6Nathaniel Swanson2025Winston Churchill High School4:23.11 3
7Stepan Volkov2025Winston Churchill High School4:23.89 2
8Griffin Lupes2025Albert Einstein High School4:24.80 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School9:15.38 10
2Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School9:18.80 8
3Nathaniel Swanson2025Winston Churchill High School9:31.49 6
4Naasir Bakari2025Northwest High School9:40.07 5
5Santiago Gutierrez2026Winston Churchill High School9:41.54 4
6Henry Nichols2026Northwood High School9:42.48 3
7Campbell Gelineau2025Crofton High School9:42.93 2
8Korey Kauflin2026Urbana High School9:48.64 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School13.91 10
2Josiah Teasley2025Quince Orchard High School14.74 8
3Jayden Apenteng2025Northwood High School14.79 6
4Trinity Hill-Caleb2025Suitland High School15.06 5
5Rajan Bell2026Wheaton High School15.32 4
6Christian Doss2027Crofton High School15.42 3
7Chikesandu Ogwo2025Crofton High School15.61 1.5
7Gabe AkoArrey2027Old Mill High School15.61 1.5
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School38.70 10
2Jayden Apenteng2025Northwood High School38.72 8
3Josiah Teasley2025Quince Orchard High School39.49 6
4Christian Doss2027Crofton High School40.42 5
5Shiloh Bryant-Serrano2026Paint Branch High School40.63 4
6Devin Desruisseau2025Springbrook High School41.85 3
7Chikesandu Ogwo2025Crofton High School42.01 1.5
7Tiyoun Jenkins2025Suitland High School42.01 1.5
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Triple Jump

1Ryan Hall2025Northwest High School45-4.25 10
2Elijah Butler2026Bowie High School45-1 8
3Aaron Smith2025North Point High School44-0 6
4Rommel Marquez Jr2026Parkville High School43-5 5
5Nasib Bundu2025Eleanor Roosevelt High School42-6 4
6Jaysen Moise2025Seneca Valley High School41-10 3
7Ricardo Daniels2025North Point High School41-9 2
8Keith Mazinga2025Urbana High School41-7 1
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Long Jump

1Nasib Bundu2025Eleanor Roosevelt High School22-4.25 10
2Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School22-2 8
3Earl Boyd2025Montgomery Blair High School21-7 6
4Dymon Yarborough2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School21-5 5
5Princwill Osahon2025Bowie High School21-4 4
6Anthaan Buckman2025Suitland High School21-0.75 3
7Ryan Hall2025Northwest High School20-11.75 2
8Tyler Womack2025Annapolis Senior High School20-8.5 1
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High Jump

1Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School6-8 10
2Bakari Taylor2026Winston Churchill High School6-4 7
2Princwill Osahon2025Bowie High School6-4 7
4Rommel Marquez Jr2026Parkville High School6-2 5
5Clark Fuhwni2025Springbrook High School6-0 3
5Jacob Denny2025Bowie High School6-0 3
5Jordan Garner2025Springbrook High School6-0 3
8Brayden George2025North Point High School5-10 0.25
8Dymon Yarborough2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School5-10 0.25
8Jasper Sandmeyer2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School5-10 0.25
8Malik Barbour2027C.H. Flowers High School5-10 0.25
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Pole Vault

1Gilberto Ramos2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School14-7 10
2Jeryco Sheppard2025Dundalk High School13-2 8
3Logan Zakour2026Crofton High School12-7 6
4Tristan Sudama2025Old Mill High School12-6 5
5Carson Dohn2025Gaithersburg High School12-0 3
5Isaac Evans2026Seneca Valley High School12-0 3
5Thomas Polk2025Crofton High School12-0 3
8John Oguariri2025Frederick High School11-6 1
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1Hunter Mann2025Leonardtown High School150-11 10
2Favor Bate2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School150-10.75 8
3Georges Monga Mande2025Clarksburg High School149-6 6
4Ian Tumi2026Frederick High School140-11 5
5Josh Adeoye2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School137-0 4
6Dylan McDonald2027Leonardtown High School134-10 3
7Ifedayo Ayodele2025Parkville High School132-5 2
8Arthur Wester2027Clarksburg High School129-0 1
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Shot Put

1Hunter Mann2025Leonardtown High School49-9.5 10
2Jacob Breitstein2027Winston Churchill High School48-9.75 8
3Adetoye Onyekaba2025Crofton High School48-2.75 6
4Favor Bate2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School48-1 5
5Ian Tumi2026Frederick High School46-10 4
6Jaeden Lane2025Dundalk High School46-7 3
7Kacey Gilliam2026Quince Orchard High School46-6.25 2
8Georges Monga Mande2025Clarksburg High School46-2.25 1