Speed Summit and Running Summit Discounts + FREE Subscriptions

Save up to $28 on registration fees to either the Speed Summit or the Running Summit West.  Registration online costs $9 for the summit alone plus an additional $9 for meal registration with the presenters.  If you go the paper route and register by mail or fax, you would save as much as $18!  On top of that, if you use the discount code "CoachLee" either online or on the paper registration, you will receive an additional $10 off your registration! 

As an added incentive, I will throw in a FREE 1 year subscription ($36 value) for everyone who registers and uses the discount code "CoachLee"!


Just type in the Discount Code = CoachLee and get $10.00 off. 


You can also just jot that on the PDF available on the website to save the additional $9.00 processing fee for the registration and the meals registrations.

Hurry, the early registration period ends January 5th!*

Speed Summit

Date: Jan 20-21, 2013
Sunday & Monday of MLK Holiday Weekend
Location: Morristown NJ - Morristown Medical Center

The Speed Summit will feature talks by legendary coaches and speed development experts: Loren Seagrave, Tom Tellez, Mike Young, Jay Dicharry, Brad Deweese and Bill Parisi*. These experts will lecture and then answer questions, both individually and in a panel question and answer format.


Running Summit West

Date: Feb 23 & 24th, 2013
Orange Coast College

Hear legendary coaches and running experts Jack Daniels, Joe Vigil, Matt Fitzgerald, Peter Thompson and Jay Dicharry speak about training principles, the physiological and mental aspects of running, more effective interval sessions, running nutrition, and much, much more.

Running Summit participants will also be given the opportunity to have lunch and/or dinner with the speakers!

Coaches of Track and Field - High School, Youth, College, and Masters will be interested in both of these programs.  These are Level 3 USATF Course (Level 2 USATF Coaches can earn Level 3 Credit), but there are open to interested coaches and athletes of all ages and abilities.  No USATF membership is required.  Certificates of completion will be provided for all seeking CEU or professional credit.


*Discount code still available after January 5th