MileSplit has a great feature where it can merge meets together to see hypothetical results under the virtual meets option. Check out which teams come out on top in the team merge and which 16 individuals come out on top in each event. 

For the girls, Woodlawn comes out on top with 68 points, 30.5 points ahead of second-place Urbana!

Team Scores

1Woodlawn High School68
2Urbana High School37.5
3C.H. Flowers High School37
4Eleanor Roosevelt High School33
5Arundel High School30
6Allegany High School26
7Oakland Mills High School25.11
8North Point High School23
9Edgewood High School18
9Wheaton High School18
11Gaithersburg High School17.5
12River Hill High School17
13Centennial High School16
13Gwynn Park High School16
13North Hagerstown High School16
16Walter Johnson High School13
16Westminster High School13
18Long Reach High School12.5
19Broadneck Senior High School11.61
20Great Mills High School11
20Winston Churchill High School11

100 Meter Dash

1Arayana Ladson2024Woodlawn High School11.58 10
2Cohren Corbin2025North Point High School11.82 8
3Anyia Suku2024C.H. Flowers High School11.91 6
4Iyanni Daley2026Wheaton High School11.92 5
5Kadidja Ouattara2025Laurel High School11.98 4
6Divine Bamgboye2025Urbana High School11.99 3
7Bryannah Smith2025La Plata High School12.00 1.5
7Jasmine Davids2025Eleanor Roosevelt High School12.00 1.5
9Avery Miller2025Allegany High School12.06 0
10Shania Staats2024Oakland Mills High School12.07 --
11Ta'Laiya Mellerson2025Arundel High School12.08 --
12Bryce Hatcher2024Arundel High School12.17 --
13Alicia Smith2026Frederick Douglass-PG High School12.18 --
14Ariyah Edwards2025Baltimore City College12.20 --
15Mya Summers2027Northern-Calvert High School12.22 --
16RaNiya Corbin2025Parkside High School12.28 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Cohren Corbin2025North Point High School24.41 10
2Arayana Ladson2024Woodlawn High School24.62 8
3Avery Miller2025Allegany High School24.65 6
4Jasmine Davids2025Eleanor Roosevelt High School24.76 5
5Noel Evans2024Arundel High School24.85 4
6Bianca Durant2025Howard High School25.12 3
7Anyia Suku2024C.H. Flowers High School25.26 2
8RaNiya Corbin2025Parkside High School25.28 1
9Bryannah Smith2025La Plata High School25.36 --
10Taylor Garrett2026Randallstown High School25.42 --
11Carleen Lionel2025Oxon Hill High School25.44 --
12Aniyah Toppin2024Long Reach High School25.59 --
12Mya Summers2027Northern-Calvert High School25.59 --
14Celeste Rodriguez-Aguilar2024Tuscarora High School (MD)25.66 --
15Kadidja Ouattara2025Laurel High School25.68 --
16Ella Umoh2026Bowie High School25.72 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Noel Evans2024Arundel High School54.90 10
2Avery Miller2025Allegany High School55.30 8
3Kayla Gordon2025Gaithersburg High School55.91 6
4Eniya Headspeth2026Centennial High School56.12 5
5Nikiyah Williams2024Woodlawn High School56.42 4
6Gillian Stephens2025Oxon Hill High School56.67 3
7Faith Akinlami2024Paint Branch High School56.85 2
8Nwaamaka Agwu2025Springbrook High School56.98 1
9Kenya Merritt2025Woodlawn High School57.00 --
10Grace Nyembo2027Baltimore City College57.25 --
11Kendall Hall2026Long Reach High School57.32 --
11Morgan Mims2024South River High School57.32 --
13Kiri Mitchell2027Western High School57.57 --
14Ella Umoh2026Bowie High School57.82 --
15Mariam Sanni2024Overlea High School57.83 --
16Danielle Perez2025Randallstown High School58.07 --
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800 Meter Run

1Elizabeth Szybalski2025Manchester Valley High School2:12.49 10
2Riley Herdson2025Centennial High School2:13.87 8
3Gianna Dawson2024Bel Air High School2:14.41 6
4Cailyn Stine2025Century High School2:14.49 5
5Lauren Virmani2026River Hill High School2:15.55 4
6Rebecca BURGEE2025Southern (AA) High School2:15.63 3
7Mariam Sanni2024Overlea High School2:15.70 2
8Cecilia van Lierop2025Towson High School2:15.79 1
9Caitlin Mullaney2027Northern-Calvert High School2:15.84 --
10Megan Raue2025Walter Johnson High School2:16.51 --
11Aaliyah Jalloh2024Thomas S. Wootton High School2:16.65 --
12MacKenzie Raue2024Walter Johnson High School2:17.33 --
13Emily Maury2025Leonardtown High School2:17.49 --
14Leila Sollas2026Patterson Mill High School2:18.19 --
15Grace Finnegan2024Richard Montgomery High School2:18.42 --
16Amelia Slagle2025Frederick High School2:18.56 --
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1600 Meter Run

1Brielle Whitworth2025Edgewood High School4:56.45 10
2Grace Finnegan2024Richard Montgomery High School4:57.23 8
3Lauren Stine2025North Hagerstown High School4:57.55 6
4Katherine Morey2027Winston Churchill High School4:58.45 5
5Megan Raue2025Walter Johnson High School4:59.25 4
6Ella Werkman2025Walt Whitman High School5:00.10 3
7Lauren Virmani2026River Hill High School5:01.20 2
8MacKenzie Raue2024Walter Johnson High School5:01.86 1
9Hallie Muniz2024Winston Churchill High School5:02.03 --
10Marella Virmani2026River Hill High School5:02.51 --
11Victoria Ketzler2024Thomas S. Wootton High School5:02.58 --
12Ani Bailin2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School5:04.64 --
13Carter Brotherton2024Great Mills High School5:05.23 --
14Gentry Bowie2025Northern-Calvert High School5:06.49 --
15Claire Sivitz2027Howard High School5:07.12 --
16Emily Mitroka2025Century High School5:10.00 --
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3200 Meter Run

1Lauren Stine2025North Hagerstown High School10:47.08 10
2Brielle Whitworth2025Edgewood High School10:53.58 8
3Katherine Morey2027Winston Churchill High School10:56.29 6
4Carter Brotherton2024Great Mills High School10:57.32 5
5Ella Werkman2025Walt Whitman High School10:59.29 4
6Ani Bailin2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School11:07.59 3
7Madeline Quirion2026Sherwood High School11:12.95 2
8Josephine Kamas2027Severna Park High School11:13.51 1
9Claire Sivitz2027Howard High School11:19.62 --
10Nya Stoian2027Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School11:26.12 --
11Gauri Nair2024Mt. Hebron High School11:28.41 --
12Rebekka Hillier2024Hereford High School11:29.46 --
13Sylvia Snider2025Hereford High School11:30.08 --
14Gentry Bowie2025Northern-Calvert High School11:31.74 --
15Sophie Harjes2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School11:32.26 --
16Caroline Gregory2024Frederick High School11:33.05 --
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Destiny Coleman2026Woodlawn High School13.86 10
2Arayana Ladson2024Woodlawn High School13.89 8
3Kayla Rorie2024Great Mills High School14.25 6
4Jaelynn Blackwell2025C.H. Flowers High School14.27 5
5Ariyah Edwards2025Baltimore City College14.33 4
6Alejandra Williams2026C.H. Flowers High School14.43 3
7Ayniah Fersner2024Largo High School14.49 1.5
7Elena Juarez2025Gaithersburg High School14.49 1.5
9Ava Allen2024Middletown High School14.54 0
10Lauryn Djaouga2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School14.57 --
11Ogechi Uzoukwu2025Western Tech14.60 --
12Winter Evans2025Harford Technical High School14.61 --
13Felicia Siewe2025Urbana High School14.63 --
14Alyssia Quick2025New Town High School14.93 --
15Zayniah Ali2024Baltimore City College15.06 --
16Janelle Codrington2025Oakland Mills High School15.14 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Divine Bamgboye2025Urbana High School42.96 10
2Destiny Baker2025Harford Technical High School43.59 8
3Jaelynn Blackwell2025C.H. Flowers High School43.64 6
4Aurianna Gladden2024Urbana High School44.10 5
5Destiny Coleman2026Woodlawn High School44.22 4
6Hannah Komukyeya2024Wheaton High School44.58 3
7Gabrielle Bernhard2024Kent Island High School45.52 2
8Elena Juarez2025Gaithersburg High School45.55 1
9Leenia Teah2026Woodlawn High School45.67 --
10Codi Malott2027Oakland Mills High School45.73 --
11Marley Shaw2026Southern (AA) High School45.75 --
12Skye Mitchell2024C.H. Flowers High School45.76 --
13Trinity Jordan2026Randallstown High School46.07 --
14Ta'Leah Phillips2027Pikesville High School46.19 --
15Zion Brown2024Overlea High School46.35 --
16Autumn Ingram2024Thomas S. Wootton High School46.59 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Woodlawn High School47.08 10
2Wheaton High School47.28 8
3Gaithersburg High School47.29 6
4Eleanor Roosevelt High School47.67 5
5Largo High School47.91 4
6Western High School48.13 3
7C.H. Flowers High School48.20 2
8Suitland High School48.25 1
9Arundel High School48.36 --
10North County High School48.45 --
11Frederick Douglass-PG High School48.67 --
12Howard High School48.77 --
13Parkside High School48.94 --
14Damascus High School49.49 --
15Baltimore City College49.68 --
16Tuscarora High School (MD)49.79 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Arundel High School1:39.36 10
2Eleanor Roosevelt High School1:39.38 8
3Urbana High School1:39.41 6
4C.H. Flowers High School1:39.52 5
5Woodlawn High School1:39.53 4
6Gaithersburg High School1:39.57 3
7Wheaton High School1:40.41 2
8North County High School1:41.00 1
9Largo High School1:41.18 --
10North Point High School1:41.44 --
11Randallstown High School1:41.87 --
12Oakland Mills High School1:42.08 --
13Howard High School1:43.53 --
14Baltimore City College1:44.14 --
15Northern-Calvert High School1:44.28 --
16Parkside High School1:44.64 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Woodlawn High School3:52.82 10
2C.H. Flowers High School3:54.53 8
3Arundel High School3:55.03 6
4North Point High School3:56.02 5
5Henry A. Wise High School3:57.29 4
6Oxon Hill High School3:57.40 3
7Randallstown High School3:58.17 2
8Western High School3:58.49 1
9Springbrook High School3:58.77 --
10James Hubert Blake High School3:58.81 --
11Centennial High School4:01.19 --
12Northern-Calvert High School4:01.20 --
13Crofton High School4:01.80 --
14Southern (AA) High School4:03.31 --
15Paint Branch High School4:03.49 --
16River Hill High School4:04.54 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1River Hill High School9:15.31 10
2Walter Johnson High School9:16.46 8
3Thomas S. Wootton High School9:22.10 6
4Severna Park High School9:25.05 5
5Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School9:25.90 4
6Tuscarora High School (MD)9:29.18 3
7Leonardtown High School9:33.59 2
8Oxon Hill High School9:37.76 1
9Century High School9:38.36 --
10Bel Air High School9:44.07 --
11Smithsburg High School9:44.62 --
12Frederick High School9:45.60 --
13South River High School9:45.92 --
14Centennial High School9:46.08 --
15Patterson Mill High School9:50.00 --
16Montgomery Blair High School9:50.49 --
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High Jump

1Sierra Swangin2025James Hubert Blake High School5-9 10
2Aiyana Smalley2027Patuxent High School5-6 7
2Valerie Ashamu2024Oakland Mills High School5-6 7
4Ashleigh Porter2024Francis Scott Key High School5-4 3.5
4Casey Gish2024Broadneck Senior High School5-4 3.5
4Ciara Amon-Nicholls2024Long Reach High School5-4 3.5
4Sumayah Wilkins2024Easton High School5-4 3.5
8Alicia Hall2025Oakland Mills High School5-2 0.111
8Ava Staley2027Winters Mill High School5-2 0.111
8Cedrayah Graves2024Annapolis Senior High School5-2 0.111
8Ciara Haney2024Broadneck Senior High School5-2 0.111
8Jada Stubbs2025Northwest High School5-2 0.111
8Juliana Nardini2025Linganore High School5-2 0.111
8Maeleigh Plummer2025Fort Hill High School5-2 0.111
8Megan Antonishek2025Damascus High School5-2 0.111
8Olivia St.Vil2027Maurice J. McDonough High School5-2 0.111
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Long Jump

1Avery Miller2025Allegany High School18-10.25 10
2Shania Staats2024Oakland Mills High School18-5.5 8
3Aliyah K. Rahman2024Northwest High School18-0.75 6
4Aniyah Toppin2024Long Reach High School17-11.25 5
5Devin DeGannes2025Dulaney High School17-8.75 4
6Bryannah Smith2025La Plata High School17-7.75 2.5
6Felicia Siewe2025Urbana High School17-7.75 2.5
8A'Marah Parrish2024Westlake High School17-7.25 1
9Abigail Faith Mokosso2025Montgomery Blair High School17-6.75 0
10Alicia Hall2025Oakland Mills High School17-4 --
11Ania Madison2026Northwest High School17-2.75 --
12Jaidyn Augustine2026Marriotts Ridge High School17-2 --
13Jordan Estrella2024Patuxent High School17-1.75 --
14Gabrielle Lee2025Westlake High School17-1 --
15Chay Julien2025Damascus High School17-0.5 --
16Meion Ligons2024Hammond High School17-0.25 --
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Triple Jump

1Alicia Hall2025Oakland Mills High School38-11.25 10
2Janine Amefia2024Urbana High School38-9 8
3Fabiola Lawani2026Seneca Valley High School38-5.75 6
4Casey Gish2024Broadneck Senior High School37-9.75 5
5Aniyah Toppin2024Long Reach High School37-9.25 4
6Jaylin Harried2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School37-8.25 2.5
6Melissa Emessiene2025Eleanor Roosevelt High School37-8.25 2.5
8Camille Nesmith2026River Hill High School37-4.75 1
9Mireya King2024Montgomery Blair High School37-3 0
10Maeleigh Plummer2025Fort Hill High School36-10.75 --
11Chay Julien2025Damascus High School36-9.5 --
12Josslyn Quansah2025Linganore High School36-7.5 --
13Ogechi Uzoukwu2025Western Tech36-6.75 --
14Sierra Campbell2025Allegany High School36-2.5 --
15A'Marah Parrish2024Westlake High School36-1.25 --
16Meion Ligons2024Hammond High School35-10.75 --
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Pole Vault

1Ava Allen2024Middletown High School12-0 8
1Gabrielle Curriden2024Fallston High School12-0 8
1Lillian Schultz2025Oakdale High School12-0 8
4Avery Voeltner2024Centennial High School11-6 3
4Bailey Smith2026Urbana High School11-6 3
4Brunell Owusu2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School11-6 3
4Carson Boteler2024Broadneck Senior High School11-6 3
4Gabriela Umpierre2026Gov. Thomas Johnson High School11-6 3
9Ava Wilson2025Walt Whitman High School11-0 --
9Gabrielle Bernhard2024Kent Island High School11-0 --
11Aurlani Irvin2027Woodlawn High School10-0 --
11Dana Doubek2027Broadneck Senior High School10-0 --
11Daniela Delgado2024Urbana High School10-0 --
11Delaney Freed2024South Carroll High School10-0 --
11Korynn Sims2024North Harford High School10-0 --
11Maddie Drylie2026Hereford High School10-0 --
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Shot Put

1Belinda Darko2025Gwynn Park High School42-2.25 10
2Journy Phillips2025Eleanor Roosevelt High School40-9 8
3Gabby Cope2024Northern-Calvert High School40-7.75 6
4Jecolia Traore2026Wicomico High School37-6.75 5
5Haille Dry2025North East High37-6.5 4
6Emma Reaves2024Westminster High School37-2.5 3
7Brandi Gochenauer2024Allegany High School36-2.5 2
8Destine Jordan2025St. Charles High School35-11.25 1
9Shakira Moumban2025Springbrook High School35-9.75 --
10Jabea Ewane2025Watkins Mill High School35-9.5 --
11Adeline Kraics2024Francis Scott Key High School35-5.25 --
12Isabella Talley2024Arundel High School35-3.5 --
13Alana King2025Parkside High School34-11.25 --
14Felicia Siewe2025Urbana High School34-4.25 --
15Jazmin Terry2025Northwest High School34-3.75 --
16Abbigail Finch2024Arundel High School34-2.5 --
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1Emma Reaves2024Westminster High School153-11 10
2Caroline Mercer2024Rising Sun High School133-4 8
3Belinda Darko2025Gwynn Park High School132-6 6
4Teagan R. Bandholz2026Poolesville High School128-10 5
5Gabby Cope2024Northern-Calvert High School126-3 4
6Tatiyann Black2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School125-7 3
7Kassidy Young2024Cambridge-South Dorchester High School124-4 2
8Haille Dry2025North East High123-7 1
9Alana King2025Parkside High School122-5 --
10Jecolia Traore2026Wicomico High School121-10 --
11Adeline Kraics2024Francis Scott Key High School121-0 --
12Brianna Miller2026C.H. Flowers High School119-8 --
13Sytieia Brown2024Elkton High School118-11 --
14Madison Medley2025Watkins Mill High School115-9 --
15Brandi Gochenauer2024Allegany High School114-8 --
16Ange Sarah Nganou2024Oakdale High School110-5 --