Maryland Highlights From AAU Junior Olympics

Big week of hauling in medals, All-American honors, and national titles by Maryland athletes in Norfolk at the 2015 AAU Junior Olympic Games including Huntingtown High School's Harleigh White (pictured above) winning the 15-16 year old girls triple jump title.

Many of Maryland's best in not only high school, but at the youth level in the future stars found in the state's middle schools and elementary schools who will be at Norfolk State University this week for the 2015 AAU Junior Olympic Games.

AAU Junior Olympic Games

Norfolk State University Norfolk, VA
Aug 1, 2015 Aug 8, 2015

Elite Performances

Girls (73)
100mF 2 1st11.73 wKiara ParkerWestlake High School
100mF 1 1st11.77 wAshley SeymourQuince Orchard High School
100mF 2 7th12.09Jaida SmithFrederick High School
100mF 2 9th12.10Kennedy LewisCentennial High School
100mF 3 14th12.14 wJamila BrownWilde Lake High School
100mF 1 15th12.26 wCamryn BlakeTuscarora High School (MD)
100mp 8 3rd11.96Ashley SeymourQuince Orchard High School
100mp 9 10th12.24Camryn BlakeTuscarora High School (MD)
100mp 6 11th12.25Kennedy LewisCentennial High School
100mp 12 14th11.91Kiara ParkerWestlake High School
100mp 13 14th12.11Jaida SmithFrederick High School
100mp 3 24th12.22Jamila BrownWilde Lake High School
200mF 5 3rd25.51Alexis PostellBullis School
200mF 1 4th24.36Micah MeekinsMarriotts Ridge
200mF 3 4th24.07Stephanie DavisCol. Zadok Magruder High School
200mF 1 5th24.43Ashley SeymourQuince Orchard High School
200mF 1 7th26.19Lindsay LewisBullis School
200mF 1 17th24.85Jamila BrownWilde Lake High School
200mp 11 1st24.16 wStephanie DavisCol. Zadok Magruder High School
200mp 12 3rd24.40Micah MeekinsMarriotts Ridge
200mp 11 15th24.20 wAshley SeymourQuince Orchard High School
200mp 3 21st25.12Camryn BlakeTuscarora High School (MD)
200mp 9 21st24.92Jamila BrownWilde Lake High School
200mp 7 25th25.20Jaida SmithFrederick High School
200mp 1 26th25.21 wJenae DorseyFranklin High School
200mp 6 50th25.71 wTeanna JulesHoward High School
200mp 3 68th25.90Arianna RichardsBullis School
400mF 1 3rd55.15Cameron HintonMaryvale Prep School
400mp 13 7th56.46Cameron HintonMaryvale Prep School
400mp 2 15th57.04Micah MeekinsMarriotts Ridge
400mp 3 48th1:00.01Amiya AnomaRandallstown High School
400mp 11 49th1:00.19Allison ZolkiewiczSouth Carroll High School
400mp 10 52nd1:00.54Teanna JulesHoward High School
400mp 2 60th1:01.17Starke ShannonHammond High School
400mp 1 67th1:01.88Erica GibbsEleanor Roosevelt High School
800mp 2 16th2:22.82Allison ZolkiewiczSouth Carroll High School
800mp 5 34th2:27.90Lananda CorreiaNorthwest High School
800mp 3 35th2:28.20Paris HunterTuscarora High School (MD)
1500mF 2 9th5:04.95Erin LangilleSouth Carroll High School
100HF 1 2nd14.34Lisa-Anne BarrowHolton-Arms School
100HF 4 4th15.03Alexis PostellBullis School
100HF 3 17th16.50Ann LunaHarford Technical High School
100HF 7 19th15.95Lindsay LewisBullis School
100HF 4 26th16.37Aidan AlstonNational Academy Foundation
100Hp 6 5th14.34Lisa-Anne BarrowHolton-Arms School
100Hp 2 11th14.91 wAmiya AnomaRandallstown High School
100Hp 9 15th14.76Frances FelixBaltimore Poly High School
100Hp 7 16th14.79Renee SummervilleDigital Harbor High School
100Hp 8 27th15.10Leondra CorreiaNorthwest High School
100Hp 1 28th15.55Eniyah Clarke-KennedyFrederick Douglass-PG
100Hp 6 48th15.93Morgan JenningsWestern Tech
100Hp 5 48th16.32Ann LunaHarford Technical High School
400HF 1 3rd1:01.00Masai RussellBullis School
400HF 1 7th1:06.15Amiya AnomaRandallstown High School
400Hp 9 1st1:01.96Masai RussellBullis School
400Hp 1 4th1:03.84Amiya AnomaRandallstown High School
400Hp 4 26th1:06.96Deja StevensonBaltimore Poly High School
400Hp 5 27th1:07.27Renee SummervilleDigital Harbor High School
400Hp 5 28th1:07.35Natalie JeffersonBaltimore Northwestern High School
HJF 1 10th5-1Jayla FordNorthwestern High School (PG)
LJF 1 6th18-8.5Taylor WoodsRiverdale Baptist
LJF 1 15th16-2.5Lindsay LewisBullis School
LJF 1 28th17-3.5Leondra CorreiaNorthwest High School
LJF 1 28th16-9.25Diamond WellonsBaltimore City College
LJF 1 32nd17-0.75Keila RobertsonCol. Zadok Magruder High School
LJF 1 37th16-2.5Christin HackneyOur Lady of Good Counsel
TJF 1 1st38-8.75Harleigh WhiteHuntingtown High School
TJF 1 3rd38-1.25Keila RobertsonCol. Zadok Magruder High School
TJF 1 24th34-8.25Briyonna CarterWilde Lake High School
DF 1 17th116-3Delia SipeUrbana High School
DF 1 26th107-11Nyah WilkinsonSt. John's Catholic Prep
JF 1 10th103-6Aidan AlstonNational Academy Foundation
SF 1 19th36-1.25Delia SipeUrbana High School
Boys (46)
100mF 3 6th10.96Eric AllenBullis School
100mp 14 1st10.87Eric AllenBullis School
100mp 6 2nd10.61Dontay Holloway
100mp 1 11th10.92Martez BooneBaltimore Northwestern High School
200mF 3 8th21.53Robert MillerBaltimore City College
200mp 2 18th21.83Robert MillerBaltimore City College
200mp 10 30th22.10 wDillon CarringtonAtholton High School
200mp 5 45th22.32 wJabari MichaelOxon Hill High School
400mF 2 3rd50.97Ritchie Case
400mp 14 16th50.21Jonathan ImesOur Lady of Good Counsel
400mp 3 18th50.15Dillon CarringtonAtholton High School
400mp 1 60th52.31Justin DavisRiverdale Baptist
400mp 3 65th52.52Prince AjegwuEastern Tech High School
800mp 4 40th2:02.69Dan VintonLoyola-Blakefield
800mp 3 42nd2:03.11Justin JohnsonMt. Hebron High School
1500mF 4 11th4:16.95Nicholas DannerUrbana High School
1500mF 4 13th4:17.39Kevin CoryUrbana High School
3000mF 2 2nd9:17.82Kevin CoryUrbana High School
110HF 1 1st14.73Eric AllenBullis School
110HF 3 1st14.87Kollin SmithFrederick Douglass-PG
110HF 1 2nd13.92Robert MillerBaltimore City College
110Hp 7 2nd14.90 wKollin SmithFrederick Douglass-PG
110Hp 5 5th14.19Robert MillerBaltimore City College
110Hp 5 8th15.17Eric AllenBullis School
110Hp 7 23rd14.76Damique RoseCH Flowers High School
110Hp 3 27th15.68Todd BarnesMount St. Joseph
110Hp 11 28th14.94Ian DavisOur Lady of Good Counsel
110Hp 5 35th15.02Chisom OnukwughaParkdale High School
110Hp 8 41st15.12Stephon TorrenceDigital Harbor High School
400HF 1 5th55.01Robert MillerBaltimore City College
400Hp 12 5th54.27Robert MillerBaltimore City College
400Hp 2 18th55.93Anthony ShieldsCalvert Hall College High School
400Hp 3 28th57.65Michale ReyesFairmont Heights High School
400Hp 7 31st58.11Stephon TorrenceDigital Harbor High School
400Hp 6 49th59.85Trenson TerryEleanor Roosevelt High School
HJF 1 2nd6-0.75Kollin SmithFrederick Douglass-PG
LJF 1 2nd22-7.25Kollin SmithFrederick Douglass-PG
LJF 1 6th21-6.25Thomas AlcornWestlake High School
LJF 1 15th21-10.25Montice StephenDigital Harbor High School
TJF 1 10th43-1.5 wWilliam HendersonBaltimore City Track Club
TJF 1 15th44-8Darius HoweWestern Tech
PVF 1 1st12-5.5Kyle BryantCentury High School
DF 1 17th146-10Matt SelbaArchbishop Curley High School
JF 1 3rd174-5Paul JohnsonGlen Burnie Senior High School
JF 1 6th135-11Ritchie Case

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