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Girls Preview

The girl's race for 3A looks to be a close battle between 6 schools that are only separated by 9.5 points. River Hill comes in as the very slight favorite with 50 projected points, 1 point over Northern Calvert. Woodlawn projects to score 46 points, Westminster, 43.5, defending 3A State champion Howard, 42, and Springbrook 40.5.

River Hill is led by freshmen twins Marella and Lauren Virmani, who have shined this year. They both broke 5 minutes in the 1600 last week at regionals running 4:57 and 4:58. They will be the top two seeds for that event. Lauren also ran a 10:53 3200 which puts her as the top seed there as well. They will also team up in the 800 where they are the 3-4 seeds at 2:18. With their individual events and the 4x800, the duo accounts for 41 of River Hill's 50 projected points. They will also get some help from Larasia Buckner in both the 100m Hurdles and Triple jump where she can score in both events!

While not related, Northern Calvert has their own special duo in the throwing events. Annie Campbell is the top seed in the shot with a toss of 38-3.5 and Gabby Cope is the top seed in the Discus at 144-0. Campbell is also seeded 4th in the disc with a throw of 116-8. They account for over half of the Northern point total. They will also look towards the 4x400 and 4x800 relays to medal and bring home team points as well.

Woodlawn will rely on star sprinter Nikiyah Williams as she has the top 400 time in the state at 56.43 seconds. Destiny Coleman has run 46.16 in the 300m Hurdles which is currently second best, and she is the 4th seed in the 100 Hurdles. Woodlawn will also try to take gold in the 4x100 relay as they have the top time at 48.44 seconds. 

Other Athletes to Watch:

Ellen Gill (Oakdale) - Gill is the strong favorite in the 300m Hurdles with a PR of 44.90 seconds.

Arayana Ladson (Mt. Hebron) - Although she did not qualify in the 100m Hurdles to defend her state championship, she is still the favorite to win both the 100 and 200-meter dash

Azariah Jones (Poly) - Jones has the best triple jump mark in 3A at 37-1.5 feet. 

Riley Herdson (Centennial) - The sophomore mid-distance standout had a huge PR last week in the 800, running 2:14, which will be the top seed heading into states. 

Hannah Toth - Has PR's of 5:00 and 11:06 and will be in contention to battle the Virmani twins in both of those events. 

Elisa Ramos (Thomas Johnson) and Sarah Gassman (Westminster) - Both of these girls have PR's of 12-9 and will be trying to both not only win the state meet but also break the state record of 12-04. 

Projected Team Scores using season PR

1River Hill High School50
2Northern-Calvert High School49
3Woodlawn High School46
4Westminster High School43.5
5Howard High School42
6Springbrook High School40.5
7Crofton High School36
8Tuscarora High School (MD)33.5
9Mt. Hebron High School32
10Wilde Lake High School31
11Baltimore City College29
11Baltimore Poly High School29
11Gov. Thomas Johnson High School29
14Great Mills High School22
15Oakdale High School20
15Oxon Hill High School20
17Frederick High School18.5
18Long Reach High School18
19Centennial High School17
20Manchester Valley High School14.5
21Linganore High School13.5
22Reservoir High School13
23Atholton High School11.5
24Milford Mill10
25Huntingtown High School7
25North Hagerstown High School7
27Damascus High School6.5
28Chesapeake High School-AA4.5
29Marriotts Ridge High School3
29St. Charles High School3
31Aberdeen High School1
31James M. Bennett High School1
33South Hagerstown High School0.5

100 Meter Dash

1Arayana Ladson2024Mt. Hebron High School11.87 10
2Ariyah Edwards2025Baltimore City College12.16 8
3Gabrielle Millwood2025Atholton High School12.35 6
4Kani'a Dozier2023Reservoir High School12.45 5
5Bianca Durant2025Howard High School12.46 4
6Shanise Staats2023Wilde Lake High School12.49 3
7Sydney Rhodes2025Howard High School12.50 2
8Anjela Fitzhugh2026Woodlawn High School12.54 1

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200 Meter Dash

1Arayana Ladson2024Mt. Hebron High School24.40 10
2Bianca Durant2025Howard High School24.63 8
3Nikiyah Williams2024Woodlawn High School25.01 6
4Celeste Rodriguez-Aguilar2024Tuscarora High School (MD)25.25 4.5
4Samiatu Yussuf2024Baltimore Poly High School25.25 4.5
6Gabrielle Millwood2025Atholton High School25.62 2.5
6Laila Carpenter2025Crofton High School25.62 2.5
8Kani'a Dozier2023Reservoir High School25.83 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Nikiyah Williams2024Woodlawn High School56.43 10
2Celeste Rodriguez-Aguilar2024Tuscarora High School (MD)57.32 8
3Laila Carpenter2025Crofton High School57.62 6
4Genelle Stephens2023Oxon Hill High School57.72 5
5Nwaamaka Agwu2025Springbrook High School57.77 4
6Dalyce Schmidt2023Huntingtown High School58.28 3
7Mecca Jackson2023Reservoir High School58.44 2
8Iyanna Mackall2025Northern-Calvert High School58.52 1
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800 Meter Run

1Riley Herdson2025Centennial High School2:14.68 10
2Elizabeth Szybalski2025Manchester Valley High School2:16.96 8
3Marella Virmani2026River Hill High School2:18.67 6
4Lauren Virmani2026River Hill High School2:18.75 5
5Kiley Mann2024Howard High School2:18.76 4
6Ainslee Torres2025Wilde Lake High School2:19.13 3
7Taylor Riley2025Oxon Hill High School2:19.18 2
8Hailey Lane2026Tuscarora High School (MD)2:20.60 1

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1600 Meter Run

1Marella Virmani2026River Hill High School4:57.88 10
2Lauren Virmani2026River Hill High School4:58.87 8
3Hannah Toth2023Westminster High School5:00.62 6
4Kiley Mann2024Howard High School5:05.04 5
5Hailey Lane2026Tuscarora High School (MD)5:06.06 4
6Lauren Stine2025North Hagerstown High School5:06.35 3
7Gentry Bowie2025Northern-Calvert High School5:15.73 2
8Anna Quackenbush2023Linganore High School5:16.08 1

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3200 Meter Run

1Lauren Virmani2026River Hill High School10:53.60 10
2Hannah Toth2023Westminster High School11:06.26 8
3Kiley Mann2024Howard High School11:11.64 6
4Gentry Bowie2025Northern-Calvert High School11:13.50 5
5Lauren Stine2025North Hagerstown High School11:15.35 4
6Alyssa Mattes2026Marriotts Ridge High School11:20.24 3
7Anna Quackenbush2023Linganore High School11:24.95 2
8Deanna Baumann2024James M. Bennett High School11:46.46 1

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100 Meter Hurdles

1Zaniyah Ali2024Baltimore City College14.58 10
2Kayla Rorie2024Great Mills High School14.60 8
3Ariyah Edwards2025Baltimore City College14.70 6
4Destiny Coleman2026Woodlawn High School15.35 5
5Larasia Buckner2023River Hill High School15.46 4
6Malak Fadlalla2025Springbrook High School15.47 3
7Trinity Maurice2023Northern-Calvert High School15.63 2
8Ellen Gill2023Oakdale High School16.01 1

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300 Meter Hurdles

1Ellen Gill2023Oakdale High School44.90 10
2Destiny Coleman2026Woodlawn High School46.16 8
3Alayna Rover2023Wilde Lake High School46.31 6
4Trinity Maurice2023Northern-Calvert High School46.97 5
5Elizabeth Szybalski2025Manchester Valley High School47.14 4
6Lara Adeoye2025Frederick High School47.18 3
7Zaniyah Ali2024Baltimore City College47.39 2
8Kayla Rorie2024Great Mills High School47.44 1

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4x100 Meter Relay

1Woodlawn High School48.44 10
2Gov. Thomas Johnson High School48.70 8
3Wilde Lake High School48.77 6
4Frederick High School49.43 5
5Baltimore Poly High School49.48 4
6Baltimore City College49.52 3
7Howard High School49.63 2
8Crofton High School49.66 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Crofton High School1:42.30 10
2Springbrook High School1:43.97 8
3Woodlawn High School1:44.77 6
4Wilde Lake High School1:45.37 5
5Milford Mill1:45.39 4
6Howard High School1:45.46 3
7River Hill High School1:46.29 2
8Frederick High School1:46.31 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Oxon Hill High School3:58.08 10
2Northern-Calvert High School4:00.94 8
3Tuscarora High School (MD)4:03.74 6
4Reservoir High School4:05.18 5
5Huntingtown High School4:05.64 4
6Centennial High School4:06.34 3
7Springbrook High School4:07.16 2
8Mt. Hebron High School4:08.74 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Tuscarora High School (MD)9:41.82 10
2Mt. Hebron High School9:44.12 8
3Linganore High School9:47.79 6
4Frederick High School9:49.42 5
5Centennial High School9:50.52 4
6Oxon Hill High School9:50.70 3
7River Hill High School9:52.39 2
8Northern-Calvert High School9:52.86 1
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High Jump

1Victoria Marston2023Crofton High School5-5 10
2Ruth Smith2023Howard High School5-4 8
3Juliana Nardini2025Linganore High School5-2 4.5
3Kyla Williams2023Springbrook High School5-2 4.5
3Ryehn Byrnes2023Westminster High School5-2 4.5
3Tina Tinelli2023Chesapeake High School-AA5-2 4.5
7Areyana Snowden2024Frederick High School5-1 1.5
7Megan Antonishek2025Damascus High School5-1 1.5

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Triple Jump

1Azariah Jones2023Baltimore Poly High School37-1.5 10
2Aniyah Toppin2024Long Reach High School36-11.5 8
3Elisa Ramos2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School36-9 6
4Vynou Philogene2025Springbrook High School36-7 5
5Charlotte Deforest2025Crofton High School36-5 4
6Larasia Buckner2023River Hill High School36-3 3
7Ariannah Lasker2023St. Charles High School36-0 2
8Sumer Edwards2023Aberdeen High School35-4.5 1
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Long Jump

1Aniyah Toppin2024Long Reach High School18-6 10
2Shania Staats2024Wilde Lake High School18-1 8
3Azariah Jones2023Baltimore Poly High School18-0 6
4Anna Polk2024Damascus High School17-11.25 5
5Kyla Williams2023Springbrook High School17-6.5 4
6Arayana Ladson2024Mt. Hebron High School17-2.5 3
7Alaina Myers2025Frederick High School17-2 2
8Jazmine Robertson2023Frederick High School17-1.25 1

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Pole Vault

1Elisa Ramos2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School12-9.5 10
2Sarah Gassman2023Westminster High School12-9 8
3Lillian Schultz2025Oakdale High School11-6 6
4Brunell Owusu2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School11-0 4.5
4Ryehn Byrnes2023Westminster High School11-0 4.5
6Charlotte Deforest2025Crofton High School10-6 2.5
6Sara Moore2025Manchester Valley High School10-6 2.5
8Gabriela Umpierre2026Gov. Thomas Johnson High School10-3 0.5
8Riley Troxell2024South Hagerstown High School10-3 0.5

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Shot Put

1Annie Campbell2023Northern-Calvert High School38-3.5 10
2Mawata Keita Queen2023Springbrook High School37-6 8
3Hannah Aladekoba2025Milford Mill36-8 6
4Emma Reaves2024Westminster High School36-3 4.5
4Jamaya McDowell2023Baltimore Poly High School36-3 4.5
6Kya Barkley2023Great Mills High School35-11.25 3
7Synclaire Williams-Ridley2023Springbrook High School35-11 2
8Katherine Wood2024Atholton High School35-7.5 1

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1Gabby Cope2024Northern-Calvert High School144-0 10
2Emma Reaves2024Westminster High School129-8 8
3Kya Barkley2023Great Mills High School116-11 6
4Annie Campbell2023Northern-Calvert High School116-8 5
5Ciara Neal2023Great Mills High School114-0 4
6Ange Sarah Nganou2024Oakdale High School106-9 3
7Katherine Wood2024Atholton High School102-1 2
8Destine Jordan2025St. Charles High School101-8 1