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Boys Preview

The boy's race for 1A looks to be between Catocin and Cambridge South Dorchester, with four schools, Mountain Ridge, Western Tech, Snow Hill, and Largo who will be battling for third and hoping the top two teams slip up.

Catoctin is projected 12 points over CSD. They are led by superstar Brody Buffington who will be the huge favorite in the 100 and 200-meter dash, trying to break both state records, and also helping his 4x100 and 4x200 relay teams. Furious Trammel is also an elite talent and will be the top seed in both the 400-meter dash and the long jump.

Cambridge South Dorchester is led by Tori Willis who has the top time in the 300m hurdles at 38.51 and will be trying to break the 1A state record in that event. He is also seeded 4th in the 100 Hurdles are 15.26. The 110 Hurdles will be a huge event for them as Willis, Jayden Smith, and Antonio Blueford are seeded 3-4-5 in the events and have the opportunity to bring home over 15 points. 

Other Athletes to Watch:

Seth Barron (Snow Hill) - Barron enters the meet with the top 800 time at 1:58

Ray Gibson (Brunswick) - Gibson has run 4:27 this year and will be the top seed in the 1600.

Ethyn Peck (Northern Garrett) - Peck is the only 1A runner to run under 10 minutes this year in the 3200 and will be the favorite in that event. 

Kaleb Lee (Forest Park) - Lee owns the top 1A Triple jump and one of the top jumps in the entire state at 45-02. 

Everett Young (Patterson Mill) - Young will be taking aim at the 1A State record in Pole Vault as he has jumped 14-04, just 2 inches shy of the record. 

Carter Hess (Fort Hill) - Hess owns one of the top discus marks in the state and will be the favorite with his toss of 169-10. 

Projected Team Scores

1Catoctin High School85
2Cambridge-South Dorchester High School73
3Mountain Ridge High School58.25
4Western Tech55.5
5Largo High School52.5
6Snow Hill High School50
7Northern Garrett High School37
8Washington High School33.5
9Fort Hill High School29
10The SEED School Of Maryland28
11Brunswick High School23
12Perryville High School19
13Smithsburg High School18.25
14Allegany High School17
15North Dorchester High School16.5
16Patterson Mill High School13
17Mardela Middle & High School12.5
18Forest Park High School11
19Kent County High School10
20Francis Scott Key High School9.25
21Chesapeake Science Point High School8
21Clear Spring High School8
21CMIT Academy8
24Lake Clifton High School5
24Loch Raven High School5
26Col. Richardson High School4
27Havre de Grace High School3.5
28South Carroll High School2.75
29Southern Garrett High School2.5
30Bohemia Manor High School2
30Joppatowne High School2

100 Meter Dash

1Brody Buffington2023Catoctin High School10.15 10
2Zyheem Collick2024Snow Hill High School10.75 8
3Deonze Eldridge2025The SEED School Of Maryland10.84 6
4TaSean Dixon2023Washington High School10.91 5
5Tori Willis2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School10.97 4
6Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School11.00 3
7Tavin Willis2023Fort Hill High School11.06 2
8Edwind Torres2024Chesapeake Science Point High School11.07 1

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200 Meter Dash

1Brody Buffington2023Catoctin High School20.59 10
2TaSean Dixon2023Washington High School22.01 8
3Deonze Eldridge2025The SEED School Of Maryland22.46 5.5
3Malachi Williams2025Largo High School22.46 5.5
5Malachi Braxton-Brown2025Largo High School22.48 4
6Asher Clingerman2023Catoctin High School22.62 3
7Anthony Abrams2023Largo High School22.83 2
8Tekai Drummond2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School22.84 1

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400 Meter Dash

1Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School48.71 10
2Malachi Williams2025Largo High School50.27 8
3Cameron Rejonis2023Smithsburg High School50.31 6
4Ashton Sober2023Northern Garrett High School50.33 5
5DeVante Ross2023Northern Garrett High School50.67 4
6Aidan Geron2023Loch Raven High School50.79 3
7Tekai Drummond2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School51.10 2
8Israel Wright2024Largo High School51.40 1

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800 Meter Run

1Seth Barron2023Snow Hill High School1:58.96 10
2Justin Hurney2023Snow Hill High School1:59.43 8
3Israel Wright2024Largo High School2:00.03 6
4Casey Culler2023Mountain Ridge High School2:00.34 5
5Will Haberlein2023Mountain Ridge High School2:01.31 4
6Cameron Rejonis2023Smithsburg High School2:01.96 3
7Brendan Kline2023Mountain Ridge High School2:01.98 2
8Alexander Contreras2023Catoctin High School2:02.17 1

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1600 Meter Run

1Ray Gibson2023Brunswick High School4:27.63 10
2Casey Culler2023Mountain Ridge High School4:28.44 8
3Seth Barron2023Snow Hill High School4:32.34 6
4Alexander Contreras2023Catoctin High School4:32.97 5
5Ethyn Peck2023Northern Garrett High School4:35.36 4
6Connor McIntyre2025Mardela Middle & High School4:38.64 3
7Jaxson Jones2023Fort Hill High School4:38.82 2
8Liam Fisher2023Smithsburg High School4:39.16 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Ethyn Peck2023Northern Garrett High School9:56.48 10
2Casey Culler2023Mountain Ridge High School10:01.08 8
3Alexander Contreras2023Catoctin High School10:06.62 6
4Connor McIntyre2025Mardela Middle & High School10:06.69 5
5Seth Barron2023Snow Hill High School10:10.30 4
6Ray Gibson2023Brunswick High School10:16.13 3
7Gabriel Riling2024Catoctin High School10:22.80 2
8Ethan Dell2024Bohemia Manor High School10:31.72 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Ojigwe Olua2025Western Tech14.99 10
2TaSean Dixon2023Washington High School15.14 8
3jayden smith2024Cambridge-South Dorchester High School15.17 6
4Tori Willis2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School15.26 5
5Antonio Blueford2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School15.43 4
6Everett Young2023Patterson Mill High School15.65 3
7Muhamed Thiam2024Western Tech15.84 2
8Ty Stiffler2023Perryville High School15.91 1

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300 Meter Hurdles

1Tori Willis2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School38.51 10
2Ethan Wilt2023Mountain Ridge High School40.05 8
3Muhamed Thiam2024Western Tech40.55 6
4Ojigwe Olua2025Western Tech40.67 5
5Josh Monterroso2024Chesapeake Science Point High School41.21 4
6jayden smith2024Cambridge-South Dorchester High School41.86 3
7Damien Brooks2024Joppatowne High School41.97 2
8Dain Lenz2025Bohemia Manor High School42.07 1

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4x100 Meter Relay

1The SEED School Of Maryland43.07 10
2Catoctin High School43.72 8
3Fort Hill High School43.97 6
4Cambridge-South Dorchester High School44.04 5
5Largo High School44.17 4
6Western Tech44.29 3
7Chesapeake Science Point High School44.44 2
8Francis Scott Key High School44.66 1

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4x200 Meter Relay

1Largo High School1:30.22 10
2Cambridge-South Dorchester High School1:30.34 8
3Washington High School1:30.83 6
4Catoctin High School1:31.31 5
5Western Tech1:31.38 4
6The SEED School Of Maryland1:31.40 3
7Snow Hill High School1:31.51 2
8Loch Raven High School1:31.85 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Snow Hill High School3:28.75 10
2CMIT Academy3:29.66 8
3Northern Garrett High School3:29.85 6
4Largo High School3:29.87 5
5Mountain Ridge High School3:30.12 4
6Western Tech3:32.29 3
7Smithsburg High School3:33.12 2
8Loch Raven High School3:33.46 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Mountain Ridge High School8:10.81 10
2Northern Garrett High School8:15.48 8
3Smithsburg High School8:19.80 6
4Largo High School8:27.06 5
5Catoctin High School8:27.19 4
6Western Tech8:32.47 3
7Fort Hill High School8:33.01 2
8Snow Hill High School8:37.35 1
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Triple Jump

1Kaleb Lee2026Forest Park High School45-2 10
2Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School44-3 8
3jayden smith2024Cambridge-South Dorchester High School43-2.5 6
4Antonio Blueford2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School42-11.25 5
5Aydan Downie2025Col. Richardson High School41-11.75 4
6David Smith2024Allegany High School41-8 3
7Deyshawn Henderson2025Perryville High School41-1.75 2
8Chance McMillan2025Chesapeake Science Point High School41-0.5 1
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High Jump

1Larry Stewart2024Kent County High School6-4 10
2Jacob Faith2025Clear Spring High School6-2 8
3Gamaliel Adejo2023Western Tech6-1 6
4Jamar Williams2024North Dorchester High School6-0 3.5
4Jaylen Madden2026The SEED School Of Maryland6-0 3.5
4Meshach Cochran2023Havre de Grace High School6-0 3.5
4William Jackson2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School6-0 3.5
8CorJ Dickerson2023Washington High School5-11 0.5
8Ojigwe Olua2025Western Tech5-11 0.5

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Long Jump

1Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School22-8.5 10
2Davion Sneed2023Western Tech21-7 8
3jayden smith2024Cambridge-South Dorchester High School21-2 6
4Fola Atanda2024Western Tech21-1 5
5Colin Bastain2023Brunswick High School21-0.5 4
6Rocky Ramsland2023Perryville High School20-8.25 3
7Daylin Gittings2024Lake Clifton High School20-8 2
8Kaleb Lee2026Forest Park High School20-7.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Everett Young2023Patterson Mill High School14-4 10
2Grant Smith2023Francis Scott Key High School13-0 8
3Morgon Corwine2024Brunswick High School12-0 6
4Mason Green2025Mardela Middle & High School11-7 4.5
4William Jackson2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School11-7 4.5
6Landon Grady2023Southern Garrett High School11-0 2.5
6Lucas Kodak2026South Carroll High School11-0 2.5
8Alexander Bloch2026South Carroll High School10-7 0.25
8Andrew Kitterman2024Mountain Ridge High School10-7 0.25
8Ben Gilroy2023Smithsburg High School10-7 0.25
8Noah Fisher2023Francis Scott Key High School10-7 0.25
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1Carter Hess2024Fort Hill High School169-10 10
2Derrick Sirmons2025North Dorchester High School144-6 8
3Leandre Lewis2023Washington High School138-0 6
4Payton Miller2023Mountain Ridge High School135-4 5
5Andrew Kitterman2024Mountain Ridge High School132-4 4
6Thomas Kilby2024Perryville High School127-5 3
7Abdul Cisse2024Largo High School125-8 2
8Brayden Sines2024Fort Hill High School124-7 1
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Shot Put

1Zane Smith2023Allegany High School48-10 10
2Sydney Phillips2023Perryville High School48-7 8
3Carter Hess2024Fort Hill High School48-4 6
4Derrick Sirmons2025North Dorchester High School47-1 5
5Andrew Highland2024Allegany High School45-7 4
6Ajuan Blackwell2023Lake Clifton High School44-6 3
7Cy McCall2024Perryville High School44-0.5 2
8Jacob Yankalunas2024Snow Hill High School43-1.5 1