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While most of the other classifications will be a close and competitive battle to see which team takes home the State Championship trophy, 2A boys will not be. Oakland Mills can most likely not return for day 2 and still win the meet. In our projections they score 165.5 points, 126.5 points ahead of Glenelg's 38.5 points. There is no foreseeable way to see that Oakland Mills loses. They have elite talent in all disciplines. Trevin Mchargh, Ethan Aidam, Adbur Hassan and Shane King will score over 100 points between the 4 of them,

The battle for second, however, should be close. Glenelg, Dunbar (MD), Liberty, and Wicomico all score between 33-38.5 points in the projections. To see where these teams score points, check out the projections in each event below. 

Top Athletes to Watch

Trevin McHargh (Oakland Mills) - Trevin has a chance to break the 2A State record in the 100 and will look to challenge his teammate Shane King for the win in the 200 as well. 

Ethan Aidam (Oakland Mills) - Aidam has dominated distance events this year, winning XC States in the fall, the 3200 during the indoor state meet, and now has qualified in 4 events. Look for him to bring home a lot of hardware.

Tyler Edson (Liberty) - Edson has run under the current state meet record of 1:53 in the 800 and will look to not only win but take home the record as well. 

Kemond Felder (McDonough) - Felder has run 14.3 for 110m Hurdles, one of the fastest times in the state this year. 

Ruichen He (Glenelg) He has a chance to break the 2A state record in the Disc and will be a medal contender in the shot as well!

Darius Grimes - One of the top throwers in the state, Grimes has thrown 55 feet. 

Editors Note: For the projections below, we decided to filter results by who qualified for states in specific events, and then use their season-best time or mark. 

We did not feel that solely using the Regional Merge results was as accurate as using season best. For example, in the girls 2A 3200, Hereford had 3 girls, Estelle Snider, Sylvia Snider, and Rebekka Hillier, who ran 11:57, 11:57, and 12:02 at their region meet. They have PRs of 11:09, 11:22, and 11:23 which rank as the 3rd, 4th, and 6th best 3200m time in 2A this season respectfully. If we just used regional merge results they would be projected to score no points at States, which is extremely unlikely. There are many scenarios like this across all 4 classifications. 

While there are still issues with using season-best time for State meet projections, such as not accounting for athletes getting tired who are competing in multiple events and possibly not being able to fully load up a relay team, we feel it's the most accurate way. If you are a Milesplit subscriber, one benefit you have is to go into the virtual meets under "rankings" above and manipulate these times and projections as you see fit. Click HERE to play around with those projections. 

Projected Team Scores

1Oakland Mills High School165.5
2Glenelg High School38.5
3Liberty High School34.5
4Paul Laurence Dunbar High School34
5Wicomico High School33
6La Plata High School28.5
7Westlake High School28
8Century High School27
8Kent Island High School27
10Overlea High School26.25
11Maurice J. McDonough High School23.5
12North Caroline High School21
13Hammond High School19.5
13Middletown High School19.5
15Calvert High School19
16Hereford High School18.5
17Walkersville High School18
18Parkside High School17.5
19Frederick Douglass-PG High School15
20Queen Anne's County High School14
21Patuxent High School10
21Southern (AA) High School10
23Harford Technical High School8.5
24Gwynn Park High School8
25Friendly High School7
26Patterson High School6
27Thomas Stone High School5.75
28Poolesville High School5
29Elkton High School4
30New Town High School3
30Williamsport High School3
32Henry E. Lackey High School2
32Rising Sun High School2

100 Meter Dash

1Trevin McHargh2023Oakland Mills High School10.70 10
2Shane King2023Oakland Mills High School10.78 8
3Dominic Gale2025Wicomico High School10.83 6
4Trevor Thomas2024Kent Island High School10.84 5
5Xavier Doctor2023Oakland Mills High School10.85 4
6Romero Ison2025Patterson High School10.89 3
7Donte Long2025Friendly High School10.93 2
8Kaleb Cave2023Hammond High School10.95 1

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200 Meter Dash

1Shane King2023Oakland Mills High School21.36 10
2Evan Newcomer2024Kent Island High School21.44 8
3Trevin McHargh2023Oakland Mills High School21.89 6
4Donte Long2025Friendly High School22.06 5
5Ebube Emechebe2024Westlake High School22.08 4
6Romero Ison2025Patterson High School22.15 3
7Da'Shawn Parks2024Paul Laurence Dunbar High School22.23 2
8Dominic Gale2025Wicomico High School22.25 1

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400 Meter Dash

1Xavier Doctor2023Oakland Mills High School48.22 10
2KeMarco Monger2023Oakland Mills High School49.09 8
3Kelechi Anyanwu2025Westlake High School49.70 6
4Chase Burke2024Hammond High School49.81 4.5
4Tyler Edson2023Liberty High School49.81 4.5
6GABRIEL MURRAY2025Oakland Mills High School49.94 3
7Evan Newcomer2024Kent Island High School50.12 2
8Ryan Sien2024Century High School50.28 1

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800 Meter Run

1Tyler Edson2023Liberty High School1:53.07 10
2Kohl Girley2024La Plata High School1:55.62 8
3Isayah Stewart2023Kent Island High School1:56.62 6
4Ben Marks2025Queen Anne's County High School1:57.37 5
5Dylan Hurlock2023Queen Anne's County High School1:57.39 4
6Jake Weakland2024Hereford High School1:57.41 3
7Ethan Aidam2023Oakland Mills High School1:58.28 2
8Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School1:58.39 1

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1600 Meter Run

1Ethan Aidam2023Oakland Mills High School4:21.56 10
2Ryan Hartranft2025Century High School4:22.98 8
3Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School4:23.97 6
4Jack Hartsig2023Calvert High School4:24.31 5
5Kohl Girley2024La Plata High School4:26.50 4
6Gregory Schellberg2025Liberty High School4:27.27 3
7Ben Marks2025Queen Anne's County High School4:31.00 2
8Logan Cyford2023Liberty High School4:31.54 1

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3200 Meter Run

1Ethan Aidam2023Oakland Mills High School9:26.22 10
2David Rodenhaver2023Calvert High School9:39.43 8
3Gregory Schellberg2025Liberty High School9:49.92 6
4Thomas Sewell2026Century High School9:57.06 5
5Caleb J. Dastrup2023Poolesville High School10:00.08 4
6Ben Marks2025Queen Anne's County High School10:01.57 3
7John Ferry2023Rising Sun High School10:04.10 2
8Aaron G. Longbrake2023Poolesville High School10:05.62 1

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110 Meter Hurdles

1Kemond Felder2024Maurice J. McDonough High School14.34 10
2Doug Cash2023North Caroline High School14.54 8
3Abdur Hassan2023Oakland Mills High School15.03 5.5
3Cuwan Foote2023Overlea High School15.03 5.5
5GABRIEL MURRAY2025Oakland Mills High School15.25 4
6Richard Sanon2025Williamsport High School15.28 3
7Lloyd Braxton2023Overlea High School15.34 2
8Desaun Jeffrey2024La Plata High School15.55 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Abdur Hassan2023Oakland Mills High School38.68 10
2Doug Cash2023North Caroline High School39.42 8
3Kaleb Cave2023Hammond High School39.79 6
4Anthony Thompson JR2025Oakland Mills High School40.33 5
5Lloyd Braxton2023Overlea High School40.54 4
6Jaden Townsend2024Gwynn Park High School41.44 3
7Elijah Adams-Stanfield2023Oakland Mills High School41.47 2
8Mason Worley2024Walkersville High School41.52 1

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4x100 Meter Relay

1Oakland Mills High School42.11 10
2Maurice J. McDonough High School42.70 8
3Westlake High School42.72 6
4Paul Laurence Dunbar High School43.01 5
5Gwynn Park High School43.57 4
6Hammond High School43.71 3
7Elkton High School43.78 2
8Calvert High School44.00 1

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4x200 Meter Relay

1Oakland Mills High School1:26.92 10
2Westlake High School1:28.96 8
3Walkersville High School1:29.00 6
4Glenelg High School1:29.58 5
5Hammond High School1:30.06 4
6Maurice J. McDonough High School1:30.34 3
7Paul Laurence Dunbar High School1:30.62 2
8La Plata High School1:31.00 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Oakland Mills High School3:18.74 10
2Glenelg High School3:23.12 8
3Hereford High School3:24.96 6
4Kent Island High School3:28.85 5
5Westlake High School3:29.20 4
6New Town High School3:29.33 3
7Paul Laurence Dunbar High School3:31.03 2
8Gwynn Park High School3:31.20 1

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4x800 Meter Relay

1Liberty High School8:01.24 10
2Oakland Mills High School8:12.93 8
3Glenelg High School8:13.95 5.5
3Hereford High School8:13.95 5.5
5Paul Laurence Dunbar High School8:20.35 4
6Southern (AA) High School8:24.56 3
7Century High School8:25.43 2
8Kent Island High School8:26.05 1
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Long Jump

1Abdur Hassan2023Oakland Mills High School23-1.5 10
2Savion Witherspoon2025Paul Laurence Dunbar High School22-4.25 8
3Siji Jolayemi2023Glenelg High School21-10 6
4Antonio Lyde2024Paul Laurence Dunbar High School21-5.5 5
5Nasir Holden2024Parkside High School21-5 4
6Gordon Neal2023La Plata High School21-4 2.5
6Kemond Felder2024Maurice J. McDonough High School21-4 2.5
8Jaycob Tidwell2025La Plata High School21-3.75 1

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High Jump

1Abdur Hassan2023Oakland Mills High School6-4 10
2KADEN JACKSON2025Thomas Stone High School6-2 5.75
2Korey Blair2025Overlea High School6-2 5.75
2Levi Zilneus2023Middletown High School6-2 5.75
2Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School6-2 5.75
6Elijah Smalley2025Patuxent High School6-0 1
6Jadon Gaines2024Hereford High School6-0 1
6Jared Adams2025Elkton High School6-0 1
6Matayo McGraw2023Harford Technical High School6-0 1
6Phillip Kaiser2025Hammond High School6-0 1
6Savion Witherspoon2025Paul Laurence Dunbar High School6-0 1
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Triple Jump

1Jaden Sasu2024Walkersville High School44-8 9
1Koran Pittman2023Overlea High School44-8 9
3Matayo McGraw2023Harford Technical High School44-4.25 6
4Antonio Lyde2024Paul Laurence Dunbar High School43-11.5 5
5Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School43-11 4
6Nasir Holden2024Parkside High School43-9 3
7Jones Jacob2024Henry E. Lackey High School43-7.75 2
8Jonylson Prucien2024Wicomico High School42-11.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Judah Goslee2024Wicomico High School13-6 9
1Kareem Kamandego2023Parkside High School13-6 9
3Colin Hackshaw2023Century High School12-8 5.5
3Louis Losoya2023Century High School12-8 5.5
5Thomas Stokes2023Middletown High School12-3 4
6Logan Crowe2024Hereford High School12-0 3
7Reese Howard2025Parkside High School11-9 1.5
7Robert Bonhoff2025Harford Technical High School11-9 1.5

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Shot Put

1Darius Grimes2023Frederick Douglass-PG High School55-6.25 10
2Jordyn Dickerson2023Wicomico High School50-0 8
3Jalon Edwards2023Patuxent High School49-5 6
4Willie Washington2024La Plata High School48-7.5 5
5Ruichen He2025Glenelg High School48-5 4
6Jaeden Warner2023North Caroline High School47-9 3
7Derick Tossah2023Walkersville High School46-6.5 2
8Jaden Nichols2023Elkton High School46-6 1
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1Ruichen He2025Glenelg High School179-10 10
2Jordyn Dickerson2023Wicomico High School170-4 8
3Willie Washington2024La Plata High School155-1 6
4Darius Grimes2023Frederick Douglass-PG High School151-3 5
5Xavier Hawkins2024Calvert High School144-7 4
6Ian Inman2023Patuxent High School144-6 3
7Jaeden Warner2023North Caroline High School141-2 2
8Cortez Johnson2024Calvert High School134-4 1