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Boys Preview

The boy's 4A Championship looks like it will be a battle between Severna Park and Bowie. Severna Park has a slight lead in the projected results scoring 65, 2 points ahead of Bowies 63. Both teams have different strengths so it will likely come down to who executes best on race day!

Severna Park is led by strong distance runners. Liam Hagerty is the top seed in the 3200 and will be joined by Sean Sullivan and Christopher Nunn. All 3 have the potential to score within the top 5. They also have a strong 4x800 team and while they are seeded 3rd, they have the ability to win that race. They will also lean in standout jumper Kian Williams, who has jumped 45-8.5 in the triple jump, which is second in 4A, and 6-04 in the High jump, which is tied for first.

Bowie will try to win the state meet by racking up points in the long sprint events, hurdles, and sprint relays. Levi Newman and Wesley Todd have run 48.5 and 48.6 in the 400m dash and are ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively. J'Marcus Hines will be the second seed in the 110 Hurdles at 13.98 and the 3rd seed in the 300m Hurdles at 38.71. Those three will likely team up in the 4x200 and 4x400 relays, which are both ranked top in the state. They will also get some help in the throwing events with Jaylin Ivey who is ranked 2nd in the Shot and 7th in the Disc. 

Other Athletes to Watch

Chimdy Onoh (Dundalk) - Onoh has the top marks in both the shot (61-10.5) and Disc (161-04) this season.

Seamus McCann (Bethesda Chevy Chase) - McCann has the top mark in the Pole Vault this year at 14-04

Desmond Whitley (Clarksburg) - Whitley has had an outstanding season qualifying for Penn Relays in the Triple Jump. He will try to win that event at States. He has the top jump at 47-10.5.

Roberto Terrell (Quince Orchard) - Terrell owns the top seed in the 300m Hurdles at 38.05 and the third seed in the 110m Hurdles at 14.24.

Nick Spikes (Paint Branch) - Spikes will try to medal in all three sprint events. He has the top seed in the 400 at 48.3 and ranked second in both the 100 (10.52) and 200 (21.54) events. 

Mykel Morman (Henry A Wise) - Morman is the top sprinter in 4A and will try to win both events and possibly break the 4A record. He has run 20.87 for 200 meters and 10.44 for 100m 

Projected Team Scores Using Season PR

1Severna Park High School65
2Bowie High School63
3Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School46.5
4Henry A. Wise High School44.5
5Seneca Valley High School37.5
6North Point High School32.5
7Quince Orchard High School31
8Dundalk High School30
9Paint Branch High School29
10DuVal High School27
11Winston Churchill High School25
12C.H. Flowers High School22
12Montgomery Blair High School22
14Dulaney High School20
14Old Mill High School20
16Northwest High School19.5
17Parkville High School17
18Broadneck Senior High School15
18Gaithersburg High School15
20Richard Montgomery High School14
20Walter Johnson High School14
22Arundel High School13
23Clarksburg High School12
24Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School10
24North County High School10
24Urbana High School10
27Sherwood High School9
28High Point High School6
29Walt Whitman High School4
30Catonsville High School3.5
31Eleanor Roosevelt High School3
31Northwood High School3
31Thomas S. Wootton High School3
34Leonardtown High School2
34Meade High School2
36James Hubert Blake High School1
36South River High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Mykel Morman2023Henry A. Wise High School10.44 10
2Nick C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School10.52 8
3Antoine Spencer2023North Point High School10.53 6
4Joshua Narh2023DuVal High School10.68 5
5Darrien Ocean2023Arundel High School10.69 4
6Shelton Todd2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School10.72 3
7Xavier Travers2023High Point High School10.73 2
8Zion Abdul-Wahid2023Parkville High School10.79 1

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200 Meter Dash

1Mykel Morman2023Henry A. Wise High School20.87 10
2Antoine Spencer2023North Point High School21.31 8
3Joshua Narh2023DuVal High School21.40 6
4Nick C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School21.54 5
5Xavier Travers2023High Point High School21.61 4
6Shelton Todd2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School21.80 3
7Deon Windham2024C.H. Flowers High School21.84 2
8Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School21.87 1

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400 Meter Dash

1Nick C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School48.38 10
2Levi Newman2024Bowie High School48.54 8
3Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School48.61 6
4Challenger Valentine2024Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School48.94 5
5Brandon Alston2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School49.07 4
6Kean Tanyi-Tang2024Urbana High School49.49 3
7Aaron Lippman2024Parkville High School49.64 2
8Damilola Oyeniran2025Seneca Valley High School49.76 1

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800 Meter Run

1Gage Osborne2023Northwest High School1:57.35 10
2Noah Fisher2023Richard Montgomery High School1:58.02 8
3Alexander Risso2024Montgomery Blair High School1:58.27 6
4Bradan Welby2023Winston Churchill High School1:58.37 5
5Liad Simhony2024Walter Johnson High School1:58.40 4
6Kehan Bhati2023Quince Orchard High School1:58.61 3
7Griffin White2024Winston Churchill High School1:58.81 2
8Israel Ogwu2023North County High School1:58.97 1

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1600 Meter Run

1Tyler Dailey2023Dulaney High School4:16.13 10
2Liam Hagerty2023Severna Park High School4:20.29 8
3Alejandro Berrio2024Seneca Valley High School4:21.83 6
4Noah Fisher2023Richard Montgomery High School4:22.41 5
5Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School4:23.35 4
6Sean Sullivan2023Severna Park High School4:24.85 3
7Nikhil Manickam2023Dulaney High School4:25.28 2
8Calix McCormick2024Walter Johnson High School4:25.57 1

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3200 Meter Run

1Liam Hagerty2023Severna Park High School9:27.51 10
2Nikhil Manickam2023Dulaney High School9:32.61 8
3Frederick Alfonso-Frank2023Montgomery Blair High School9:33.61 6
4Sean Sullivan2023Severna Park High School9:34.04 5
5Gage Osborne2023Northwest High School9:34.66 4
6Zaiden Lane2024Arundel High School9:35.46 3
7Alejandro Berrio2024Seneca Valley High School9:38.04 2
8Christopher Nunn2023Severna Park High School9:38.43 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Joseph DeRosier2023Old Mill High School13.91 10
2J'Marcus Hines2023Bowie High School13.98 8
3Roberto Terrell2023Quince Orchard High School14.24 6
4Isiah Tancemore2023Dundalk High School14.50 5
5Chancellor DeRosier2024Old Mill High School14.97 4
6Joseph Addo2024Paint Branch High School15.10 3
7Jameson Pinthiere2023Clarksburg High School15.25 2
8Gunner Denius2023Broadneck Senior High School15.33 1

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300 Meter Hurdles

1Roberto Terrell2023Quince Orchard High School38.05 10
2Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School38.14 8
3J'Marcus Hines2023Bowie High School38.71 6
4Joseph DeRosier2023Old Mill High School38.98 5
5Emmanuel Murray2023Henry A. Wise High School39.08 3.5
5Panagiotis Marousis2023Catonsville High School39.08 3.5
7Shelton Davis2023Urbana High School39.10 2
8Benick Akeh2024James Hubert Blake High School39.48 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Henry A. Wise High School41.73 10
2North Point High School42.25 8
3Arundel High School42.53 6
4Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School42.58 5
5Bowie High School42.63 4
6DuVal High School42.68 3
7Dundalk High School42.80 2
8Parkville High School42.84 1

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4x200 Meter Relay

1Bowie High School1:26.18 10
2C.H. Flowers High School1:27.95 8
3North Point High School1:28.10 6
4Quince Orchard High School1:28.70 5
5Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School1:28.86 4
6Seneca Valley High School1:29.04 3
7Meade High School1:29.14 2
8Montgomery Blair High School1:30.31 1

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4x400 Meter Relay

1Bowie High School3:15.20 10
2DuVal High School3:17.50 8
3Henry A. Wise High School3:17.77 6
4Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School3:20.39 5
5Parkville High School3:20.68 4
6Urbana High School3:21.51 3
7Paint Branch High School3:24.15 2
8Seneca Valley High School3:24.32 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Winston Churchill High School8:04.93 10
2Broadneck Senior High School8:05.35 8
3Severna Park High School8:07.08 6
4Montgomery Blair High School8:07.42 5
5Walter Johnson High School8:07.92 4
6Northwood High School8:08.74 3
7Urbana High School8:10.02 2
8Richard Montgomery High School8:11.38 1
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High Jump

1Jack Link2023Sherwood High School6-4 9
1Kian Williams2024Severna Park High School6-4 9
3Isiah Tancemore2023Dundalk High School6-2 3
3Jordan Abikoye2023C.H. Flowers High School6-2 3
3Kameron Dove2023Broadneck Senior High School6-2 3
3Kendall Wideman II2024Seneca Valley High School6-2 3
3Romell Nellis2023Seneca Valley High School6-2 3
3Ty Miller2025Severna Park High School6-2 3
3Yule Pieters2023Thomas S. Wootton High School6-2 3

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Triple Jump

1Desmond Whitley2023Clarksburg High School47-10.75 10
2Kian Williams2024Severna Park High School45-8.5 8
3Martin Ohakah2024North County High School44-7 6
4Atebeh Awungjia2024DuVal High School43-11 5
5Johnathan Taylor2023C.H. Flowers High School43-4.5 4
6Kameron Dove2023Broadneck Senior High School43-3 3
7Romell Nellis2023Seneca Valley High School43-1.5 2
8Raheem Mbaye Jr.2023Seneca Valley High School42-11.75 1

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Long Jump

1Micheal Nwaogwugwu2024Gaithersburg High School23-0.75 10
2Jaylin Briston2023Parkville High School22-11.5 7
2Roberto Terrell2023Quince Orchard High School22-11.5 7
4Joseph Towler2023Henry A. Wise High School22-11 5
5Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School22-0 3.5
5Kendall Wideman II2024Seneca Valley High School22-0 3.5
7Shamar Hill2024Leonardtown High School21-11.75 2
8Raheem Mbaye Jr.2023Seneca Valley High School21-11.5 1

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Pole Vault

1Seamus McCann2024Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School14-4 10
2Jackson Larson2024Winston Churchill High School12-6 8
3Carson Dohn2025Gaithersburg High School11-7 5
3John Mclain2025Severna Park High School11-7 5
3Josh Hananel2025Walter Johnson High School11-7 5
6Elijah Ford2024North County High School11-6 3
7Avery Raspa2025South River High School11-1 1
7Julien Badoo2023Seneca Valley High School11-1 1
7Tristan Sudama2025Old Mill High School11-1 1

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Shot Put

1Chimdy Onoh2023Dundalk High School61-10.5 10
2Jaylin Ivey2024Bowie High School49-7 8
3Alexander Brown2023Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School49-3 6
4Bradley Kamga2024C.H. Flowers High School49-2 5
5Nahom Tsegaye2023Montgomery Blair High School48-8 4
6Niel Jr Telfer2023Seneca Valley High School48-5 3
7Jeremiah Smith2023Parkville High School48-2 2
8Paul X. Rivers2024Northwest High School47-4 1
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1Chimdy Onoh2023Dundalk High School161-4 10
2Michael Cingel2024Severna Park High School141-9 7
2Niel Jr Telfer2023Seneca Valley High School141-9 7
4Paul X. Rivers2024Northwest High School140-1 4.5
4Stephen Neal2024North Point High School140-1 4.5
6Favor Bate2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School139-10 3
7Jaylin Ivey2024Bowie High School139-6 2
8Isam A. Banajah2023Paint Branch High School138-3 1